1st Festival


- Non-competitive exhibition -

March 8th to 14th, 1954

This exhibition, held in early March, 1954, brought out cinema as a show. Conceived by Raúl Alejandro Apold, Minister of Information and Press, he sought to give strong support to the national cinematographic industry and bring international cinema to Argentine audiences. 




  •        Even though it was a non-competitive Exhibition, when the Festival was re-established in 1996, this edition was considered the first one.





Mar del Plata was chosen as venue for this film celebration since it was the quintessential tourist attraction. There, 18 countries were represented by the 52 feature films and 49 short films that were screened. The 200 guests were able to enjoy cinema, as well as theatre plays, music, ballet, performed by 120 musicians and 100 dancers from the Colon Theatre. Also, over 100 technicians, 87 photographers and 25 camerapersons from news broadcasts worked in this huge cinema meeting. That, together with the massive scenario set up on La Rambla, show that the Festival was a huge attraction back in March, 1954.

A bus from El Marplatense was in charge of transporting the artistic delegations that were part of the Exhibition. That was the origin of the traditional Train of the Stars. 


The most renowned cinematography of the time was present, through the films screened and their protagonists’ visit: Pane, amore e fantasia, by Vittorio De Sica; Illusion Travels by Streetcar, by Luis Buñuel; The Glenn Miller Story, by Anthony Mann; Sommarlek, by Ingmar Bergman and Fröken Julie, by Alf Sjöberg. Argentine cinema was represented by The sacred cry, by Luis César Amadori and The Street of Sin, by Ernesto Arancibia.

Legendary celebrities of the time were present in Mar del Plata. From Hollywood’s mecca of cinema came: Errol Flynn, Mary Pickford, Joan Fontaine, Claire Trevor, Edward G. Robinson, Fred MacMurray, Ann Miller, Walter Pidgeon and Jeannette McDonald. From France: Viviane Romance and Jeanne Moreau; from Italy: Isa Miranda, Lucía Bosé and Alberto Sordi; from Great Britain: Trevor Howard; from Spain: Fernando Fernán Gómez, Aurora Bautista and Ana Mariscal. The Festival also received the special visit of Lil Dagover from Germany, and Norman McLaren from Canada.

This non-competitive exhibition caught the attention of the intellectual and cinematographic world, which in turn enabled the creation of our present Mar del Plata International Film Festival.




The Sacred Call, by Luís César Amadori - Argentina - 1954

La calle del pecado, by Ernesto Arancibia - Argentina - 1954

La Chair et le Diable, by Jean Josipovici - France / Italy - 1953

Shane, by George Stevens – United Stated - 1953

Summer Interlude, by Ingmar Bergman - Sweden - 1951

Illusion Travels by Streetcar, by Luis Buñuel - Mexico 1954

I Vitelloni, by Federico Fellini - Italy / France - 1953

The Tales of Hoffman, by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger – United Kingdom - 1951

Admiral Ushakov, by Mijail Romm – Soviet Union - 1953

The Story of Three Loves, by Vincente Minnelli and Gottfried Reinhardt – United States - 1953

The Magic Sword, by Vojislav Nanovic - Yugoslavia - 1950

Young Chopin, by Aleksander Ford - Poland - 1952

The Captain’s Paradise, by Anthony Kimmins – United Kingdom - 1953

Miss Julie, by Alf Sjöberg - Sweden - 1951

Franz Schubert, by Walter Kolm-Veltée - Austria - 1953

The Life of Oharu, by Kenji Mizoguchi - Japan -1952

Villa Borghese, by Gianni Franciolini - Italy / France - 1953

I Vinti, by Michelangelo Antonioni - Italy / France - 1952

As Long As You’re Near Me, by Harald Braun – Federal Republic of Germany - 1953

Moulin Rouge, by John Huston – United Kingdom - 1952

The Glenn Miller Story, by Anthony Mann – United States - 1954

Bread, Love and Dreams, by Luigi Comencini - Italy - 1953

Sadko, by Aleksandr Ptushko – Soviet Union - 1953

Royal Affairs in Versailles, by Sacha Guitry - Italy / France 1953

Flight 971, by Rafael J. Salvia - Spain - 1953

Graham Greene's The Heart of the Matter, by George More O’Ferrall – United Kingdom - 1953

Gilbert and Sullivan, by Sidney Gilliat - Sweden - 1953

Hay un camino a la derecha, by Francisco Rovira Beleta - Spain - 1953

Los ojos dejan huellas, by José Luis Sáenz de Heredia - Spain /Italy - 1952

Sudden Fear, by David Millar – United States - 1952



Mary Pickford, Errol Flynn, Joan Fontaine, Edward G. Robinson, Fred MacMurray, Rosita Moreno, Michel Simon, André Cayatte, Lil Dagover, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, Trevor Howard, Aleksander Ford, Sergei Bondarchuck, Norman Mc Laren, Heli Finkenzeller, Ruth Leüwerick, Sonja Ziemann, Alfred Bittins, Karl John, Günter Schwartz, Georg Witt, Amelia Bence, Hugo del Carril, Eduardo Cuitiño, Elisa Christian Galvé, Carlos Cores, Analía Gadé, Santiago Gómez Cou, Laura Hidalgo, Ángel Magaña, Pedro Maratea, Iris Marga, Narciso Ibáñez Menta, Mirtha Legrand, Ana María Lynch, Tita Merello, Juan José Míguez, Enrique Muiño, Mecha Ortiz, Nelly Panizza, Malvina Pastorino, Luis Sandrini, Juan Carlos Thorry, Olga Zubarry, Fanny Navarro, Luis César Amadori, Hugo del Carril, Daniel Tinayre, Atilio Mentasti, Antonio Merayo, Horacio Cantaluppi, Marianne Schownauer, Senta Wengraft, Anton Schuchmann, Helmut Engel, Nicole Germain, Denisse Saint Pierre, Pierre Szint , Gelinas Gratiens, Norman McLaren, Jana Dítêtová, Frantiseck Dvorák, Jaroslav Kuckvalek, Ivan Osvald, Emilio Gaete, Malú Gatica, Gloria Lynch, Emilio Martínez, Pepe Rojas, Julio Ecker, Pedro Sienna, Maruja Asquerino (posteriormente María Asquerino), Aurora Bautista, Ana Esmeralda, , Marisa de Leza, Ana Mariscal, Virgilio Teixeira, Jesús Tordesillas, Jose Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Cesáreo González, Vicente Casanova, Joaquín Argamasilla, Manuel Casanova, Susan Cabot, Corinne Calvet, Wendell Corey, Irene Dunne, June Haver, Kathleen Hughes, Jeffrey Hunter, Jeanette MacDonald, Ann Miller, Terry Moore, Lori Nelson, Walter Pidgeon, Gene Raymond, Charles Buddy Rogers, Bárbara Rush, Claire Trevor, Patricia Wymore, Robert Cummin, Frank Borzage, Eric Allen Johnston, Robert Corkery, Christine Carrere, Danielle Godet, Nicole Maurey, Jeanne Moreau, Dany Robin, Viviane Romance, Frank Villard, Mino Burney, Jean Josepovici, Jean Sefert, Michel Aubriant, Henri Durand, Imre Apáthi, Miklós Gabor, Tibor Méray, Irene Galter, Bianca María Fabbri, Isa Miranda, Lyla Rocco, Marilena Delli, Gloria Mariel, Vittorio Sala, Sergio Amidei, Tito Schipa, Mario Villa, Emanuelle Casuto, Pier Paolo Finecci, Michiyo Aratama, Fubuki Koshiji, Tadashi Yonemoto, Tokuji Kawamura, Ramón Armengol, Bárbara Gil, Ninón Sevilla., Miguel Zacarías,  Miguel Córcega, Lidia Korsak Aleksandra Ślaska, Halina Czerny- Stefanska, Isobel Dean, Lana Morris, Helen Cherry, Zena Marshall, Anthony Kimmins, , John Stafford, William Fairchild, Sidney Colt, R. H. Harrison, Zill Clifford, Hayde Göransson, Birger Malmsten, Mai Zetterling, Olof Akesson, Syen Rynell, Alla Larionova, Natasha Medvedieva, Sergei Stoliarov, Kira Konstantinova Paramonova, Tatiana Nikolaeva, David Oistrakh, Vladimir Yamposky, Pietr Nikiforovich Zimin, Alexander Vladimirovich Shelenkov, María Drnobori, Vladimir Pogacic and Zeijko Hunkers.




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