1, 2, Freddy's coming for you


A horror classic will be screened tonight for the last time in the Festival in an original 35mm copy. We are talking about A Nightmare on Elm Street, the film by master of horror Wes Craven, recently deceased.

Nightmare introduced a new monster in the history of cinema: a merciless child murderer, who appeared in the dreams of adolescents and children, ripping them open. His name was Freddy Krueger, played and immortalized by the great Robert Englund. The red and green sweater, the hat, the burnt face and, specially, a glove with four blades instead of fingers are the distinctive marks of this absolutely unique character.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was a low-budget project who stood out for its terrifying atmosphere and bloody murder scenes. Craven uses the world of dreams to create surrealist scenes, true nightmares. The idea was inspired by a series of real deaths that took place in small town in United States, where adolescents died while sleeping.

Starring Heather Langenkamp in the role of Nancy Thompson, Nightmare is a gem of this Festival, the opportunity for many people to watch for the first time in the big screen a cult film that became vital –like many horror films from the early 80s- thanks to the VHS boom.

Thanks to this film, Wes Craven became a key man in the horror genre. Freddy’s myth is still alive after 6 sequels –the last and best one, again directed by Craven-, a spin off with another monster, Jason Voorhees, and an unforgettable remake produced by Michael Bay.

To rediscover it or simply watch a young Johnny Depp being absorbed in his own bed and turned into a bloodbath. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a must for ending the festival with a smile. Don’t fall asleep!


FRIDAY 6, 12.00 am, PAS 3



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