30 reasons to experience the Festival!


 We are celebrating. And our 30° Edition brings you 30 reasons –and many more-

to enjoy this unique event. Are you going to miss it?

1) 372 films, 832 screenings and 72 activities are waiting for you at the Festival. Films and events for everyone!

2) Opening FilmMy Golden Days, by Arnaud Desplechin – A guest of honor opens the 30° Festival. Arnaud Desplechin comes to Mar del Plata to present his last film, My Golden Days, an espionage story, that includes the adolescent memories of its protagonist, played by Mathieu Amalric.

3) Johnnie To – The Hong Kong version of Scorsese is the great guest of this edition. Over 60 feature films confirm the mastery of this prodigious director who makes an incursion in the musical genre with Office. He will also give a master class for all of his fans. A true honor.

4) Trent Harris – It is time to discover a hidden genius of American comedy. A true piece of work, Trent Harris created The Beaver Trilogy. The director will give a master class about independent cinema and will present a complete retrospective of his work.  

5) Pixar x 2 – This year was the commercial release of Inside Out –which will have a free screening at the Festival-, one of Pixar’s most original films. In a few days, comes A Good Dinosaur. The 30° Festival is honored to receive its director, Peter Sohn, who will give a master class. Pixar takes Mar del Plata.

6) Atom Egoyan – The prestigious director of Exótica and The Sweet Hereafter comes to Mar del Plata to present his latest film, Remember, in the International Competition. Starring Christopher Plummer, this new film is an intense story which is already part of the director’s best works.

7) Suárez– One of the emblematic independent bands of the 90s gets together to give a concert after 14 years. The excuse is the presentation of the documentary Entre dos luces: Suárez, primera parte, directed by Fernando Blanco. More than one reason to rediscover Suárez.

8) Argentine Cinema17 Argentine films are part of the Festival’s most important competitions. The latest films by Alejandro Agresti, Raúl Perrone, Nicanor Loreti, Pablo Agüero, Ariel Rotter and José Celestino Campusano, coexist with the directorial debuts of young promises of national cinema.

9) Steve Oram – After presenting Sightseers at the 27° edition, Steve Oram comes back to Mar del Plata to surprise us with his directorial debut. Aaaaaaaah! is unclassifiable, indefinable, revolutionary. A film worth watching and a dear guest, who is already part of the Festival.

10) Very special effects – Horror and sci-fi cinema have a privileged space. Pablo Parés and Simón Ratziel, creators of the amazing Daemonium, will give a talk about special effects and technology in national cinema. You cannot miss it.

11) Native Son - Richard Wright’s controversial work addressed the issue of racial segregation in United States in an innovative style. The author requested the cinematographic adaptation to Pierre Chenal, who had exiled to Argentina. The Festival will screen Native Son and will present a book written by Edgardo Krebs about the history and making of this remarkable film.

12) Visions of reality - Masterclass Gustav Deutsch & Hanna Schimek - Addressed to film students, artists, curators, historians and the general public. The director and art director will work on thirteen paintings by Edward Hopper, their iconography, what they mean, what they represent, their relationship with photography and cinema and how they worked with them in the film. A unique opportunity to understand their work.

13) Round TableThe Venerable OnesWe celebrate the opportunity to watch the film, for the first time in half a century, as it was conceived, in a new 35mm copy under the supervision of its cinematographer, Ricardo Aronovich. The film’s director, Manuel Antin, together with Aronovich and Jose Martínez Suárez will discuss the importance of such an emblematic film of Argentine’s cinema.

 14) The Birth of a Nation – Modern cinema was born with David Wark Griffith. The first masterpiece in the history of cinema, The Birth of a Nation is also considered one of the most controversial films due to his vision of the Ku Klux Klan. A must of the festival, which will be screened with live music.

15) Hollywood Pre Code – The Hays Code laid the foundations for morality and conservatism in American cinema during the 30s. Masters like Howard Hawks managed to break pre-established rules before they were established. The Festival will make a retrospective on the best films from that period.

16) Book Presentation: Gleyzer, Vallejo and Birri – As part of INCAA’s Audiovisual Heritage Recovery Program Hasta la Memoria Siempre, the following books will be presented: La mirada del pueblo, by Eva Piwowarski and Eliana Gibead, about the work of Gerardo Vallejo, Compañero Raymundo, by Cynthia Sabat and Juana Sapire, about the work of Raymundo Gleyzer, and El alquimista democrático, by Fernando Birri.

17) Recovered Images / A lot of past ahead - Both activities aim at promoting the work carried out on the Festival’s memory preservation. Both the restored films and the recovery of footage are the basis of this historic Edition.

18) Chronicles from the sixties Walter Achugar was a close friend of Luis Buñuel, he was in the French movement of May 1968 and was a key figure in the making of Chronicle of a Boy Alone, Leonardo Favio’s debut film. In an intimate talk with the director of the Mar del Plata Film Festival, this emblematic figure of Latin American cinema will go over his life, his friends, his successes, his failures, his illusions and his concepts on cinema.

19) LoboLab – First Edition of LoboLab, International Co-Production Meeting, which will bring together the representatives of 10 Latin American projects in development with more than 20 international production companies from Europe, North America and Latin America. The international jury will choose the best project, which will be awarded with ARG$100.000. From November 5th to 7th. 

20) Buenos Aires en relieveThe first national 3D film, from 1954, digitally restored by INCAA through INCAA TV, will be screened, in an event free and open to the public. It is the first Argentine tridimensional film entirely made by Argentine technicians and with a completely national system.

21) Elvio GandolfoIn this Master Class we present La mujer de mi vida. Notas y margaritas, a compilation of essays and short articles by one of the best Latin American writers, whose critical view on reality, imbued with a corrosive humor, reveals us his interests: films, filmmakers, actresses, books, writers, cities, restaurants, etc. This is an opportunity to know him and have access to his peculiar view on things.

22) Notas para una contrahistoria del cine argentino – As part of the Festival’s publications, Alberto Tabbia presents a book which, according to Edgardo Cozarinksky, "will shock not only those who subscribe to the "politically correct”. But I do not know texts on Argentine cinema that require the reanalysis of so many things, without disdaining the frequent smile, as these marvelously written pages.”

23) Meeting with Kidlat TahimikAs part of a retrospective of his work, the father of Philippine cinema will offer a master class where, apart from discussing his cinema, he promises to include film scenes and complement them with an installation. A unique opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime meeting where the filmmaker will share with the audience his liberating creative experiences and his way of understanding and making films.

24) Argentine cinema audiovisual heritage recovery program – As stated by Fernando Martín Peña in the Press Conference, this audiovisual rescue comes to make up for the usual reality of recovered films whose "image is poor and sound, even worse”. Los inundados, Tire Dié, El camino hacia la muerte del "Viejo”Reales, Las cosas ciertas and some of Raymundo Gleyzer’s short films will fill us with pride in this edition of the Festival.

25) Cinema on the Beach - From November 1st to 6th, at 8.00 pm, in Hermitage Beach, Boulevard Marítimo and Las Heras. Bring your blanket and mate to enjoy a great combination: Cinema and Beach! Every night at 8.00 pm, free screening of short and feature films.

26) Marco Müller - The Italian historian, film critic, teacher and producer will give a Master Class. He was director of the Pesaro, Rotterdam, Locarno, Venice and Rome Festivals. For his contributions to worldwide cinema, he has received several awards in Switzerland, France, Russia, China, Japan and Armenia. Programming film festivals is an art, as well as directing them. Marco Muller is a true artist. That is what he will talk about.

27) CompetitionsThis year, the Competitions are made up of films that reflect the best of international cinema. Each one of them is a piece of art but also, and most importantly, make up a diverse, complex and balanced artistic corpus. A selection intended to cover different subject matters, aesthetics and ways of understanding cinema.

28) Indio y los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado – The Movie - Indio and his audience, a unique show, a tribute to such a thrill. It was shot during the 2008 Gira Porco Rex Tour, at Ciudad de la Plata Stadium with over 90.000 people. Now you will be able to enjoy it in our Festival!

29) New Venues- The Mar del Plata Film Festival gets bigger. In this edition we have 6 new movie theatres at Paseo Aldrey Cultural y Comercial, one at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Buenos Aires, the screen at Beach Cinema and Un Puente: Meeting Point Marquee, on Blvd. Marítimo Avenue and Las Heras.

30) INCAA TV will broadcast live the key moments of the Festival. To be part of the Festival and not miss a thing. INCAA TV supports the country’s most important cinematographic event, bringing 10 days of pure cinema to everyone.  Follow the Opening Ceremony in INCAA TV!#ArgentinaViveCine



---and many other things. Impossible not to enjoy our 30° edition! We are making history…





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