A few steps away from «Argentina's most important cinematographic event»

The official announcement of the 30° edition took place at the garden of Milion Bar, minutes before nightfall. After the welcoming cocktail, the President of INCAA Lucrecia Cardoso, the President of the Festival José Martínez Suárez, the Artistic Director Fernando Martín Peña, and Producer Ignacio Catoggio announced the complete program for the specialized press.

After Ignacio Catoggio started the conference and anticipated a great festival, Lucrecia Cardoso highlighted the event as "Argentina’s most important cinematographic event”. In her words, the intention of INCAA to make this year an extraordinary edition became a reality. After a round of applause, Cardoso gave the floor to the President of the Festival and the Artistic Director, stressing their "love and passion for cinema”.

José Martínez Suárez announced the opening film: My Golden Days, by French director Arnaud Desplechin, will open the Festival, on October 30th at Teatro Auditorium. Then, he announced the films in the International, Latin American and Argentine Competitions, the short films in the Latin American and Argentine Competitions and the Works in Progress, which will compete for this year’s awards.

After announcing the program, Martínez Suárez showed his satisfaction for the record of films received this year. 2718 films from 80 countries were received. 603 Argentine films are a true accomplishment for Argentine cinema. Before giving the floor to Fernando Martín Peña, José announced the juries of the Competitions.

The artistic director stressed the two vital purposes of the Mar del Plata Film Festival. On the one hand, working as platform for launching Argentine and Latin American cinema, of which "there will be more than enough films for the audience to choose”. On the other, the titanic task of rescuing our own cinema from the claws of time and oblivion. Thus, the "remarkable restoration efforts” will enable to recover films in this edition that "if it wasn’t for the Festival, will be lost”; their outstanding quality will make up for the usual reality of recovered films whose "image is poor and sound, even worse”.

With this quality, the retrospectives will be an essential section of this Festival. Intersected by two ideas –cinema made in this country by non-Argentine artists who, for different circumstances, came to our country, and cinema about the perspective from abroad- films by Ralph Pappier, Pierre Chenal, Luis César Amadori, Kidlat Tahimik and Hugo del Carril, among others, will be exhibited, for the delight of film lovers.

Fernando Martín Peña also talked about the entire group of people who make the Festival happen, starting with the programming team. Pablo Conde, Cecilia Barrionuevo, Marcelo Alderete, Ernesto Flomenbaum, Pastora Campos and Francisco Pérez Laguna received, on behalf of the entire staff, gratefulness for their work, which enables the City of Mar del Plata to become a film party. 





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