Love Letter to Buenos Aires




And one day Hugo Santiago came back to Buenos Aires. But this time, he is not planning to invade it… His plan is to conquer it, seduce it, fall in love with it. That is how we get to The Sky of the Centaur.

A French man sets foot on Buenos Aires for the first time, with the same precariousness of the director’s first visit to Paris. His lost eyes show desolation, but also hope. He falls in love with the city looking for a greater love.

Hugo Santiago returns to Buenos Aires and recalls the emblematic neighborhoods that saw him grow up, that gave him his first life experiences, and the quest for a person becomes the director’s quest for his own past, the quest for a ghost city that has changed for everyone, except for the director.

With a nostalgic flavor, Santiago melancholically goes through a city where cultures, immigrants and diverse traditions coexist, looking for an identity.

A mixture that takes shape as the French man approaches his goal. Technology does not play a part in Santiago’s microuniverse. Little details build the postcard of a city in constant motion.

Thanks to Mariano Llinás’ narrative contributions, Hugo Santiago, the revolutionary filmmaker who, together with Borges and Bioy Casares, introduced us to Aquilea, in the mythical Invasion -1969-, makes a magnificent come back to a land he knows well. From the typical porteño neighborhoods to the last San Telmo cobblestone.

A beautiful and eternal adventure.

TH 5, 08.40 PM, AMB 2
FR 6, 04.20 PM, AMB 2
SA 7, 03.20 PM, AMB 2



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