Argentine Competition



Todd Brown

Born in Barrie, Canada, he lives in Toronto. In 2004, he founded the global independent film website, which he still edits. He is also Director of International Programming at Austin, Texas' Fantastic Fest, the leading genre film festival in the US. In addition, he is currently the Head of International Acquisitions for film production and sales company XYZ Films, where he has taking a producing role on films such as the international action hit The Raid (Gareth Evans, 2011) and recent Toronto International Film Festival selection Spring, which was also shown at the Midnight Screamings section of the 29th Festival. 



Maximiliano Cruz

 In 2008, he created the company Interior XIII with Sandra Gómez. It operates in Mexico and Colombia and focuses on the distribution and production of films, festivals and publications. He produced Nicolás Pereda's films Greatest Hits (2012), Killing Strangers and El palacio (both 2013), as well as Artificial Paradises (Yulene Olaizola, 2011) and I Promise Your Anarchy (Julio Hernández Cordón, 2015). He wrote about film in many publications, and co-edited the books Desde el cuarto oscuro. El cine manufacturado de Peter Tscherkassky (2012) and Matías Piñeiro. Los juegos del tiempo (2014). He was programmer and jury member at many festivals, and currently selects films for the Riviera Maya Film Festival.



Nina Rodríguez

She was born in Cologne, Germany, where she started working in the music industry. Holding a Bachelor in film theory, she specialized in the presentation and preservation of the moving image at the University of Amsterdam. She has programmed for Short Cuts Cologne and worked at the Film Archive of the German Film Museum in Frankfurt. Since 2006, Nina has been head of programming at the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF) in Mexico. Since 2009, she spends part of the year in the Middle East collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and, more recently, in the organization of the Qumra initiative of the Doha Film Institute. She is also academic coordinator at Pueblo Mágico Mexican Film Residency.



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