Contests: Promotion of talent

For several years now, the Festival has organized contests that complement the passion for cinema. Aiming at supporting young filmmakers, writers and designers, this 30° Edition brings its traditional contests, but it also creates new innovative ones, always pursuing the path of originality. 


This year’s huge novelty is the ground-breaking international coproduction meeting. LoboLab will bring together representatives of 10 Latin American feature film projects in the development stage with more than 20 international production companies from Europe, United Stated and Latin America. This first edition was a huge success, receiving a total of 264 projects from 14 countries. 


Also, for seventh consecutive year, we have the Trailers and Posters contest, which promotes the work of editors and graphic designers. Those people specialized in the area of promotion of the cinematographic process will compete for the public vote, which will choose the winners. Through our FanPage, artists from the two categories were voted. The winners will receive their mentions during the Closing Ceremony and, among all voters, two tickets to the Festival will be raffled. 


On the other hand, the International Contest of Critical Studies on Argentine Cinema: "Domingo Di Núbila” celebrates its fourth edition. Aiming at fostering theoretical studies on national cinema, the Argentine Association of Audiovisual Film Studies calls investigators, teachers, film critics, filmmakers, film students and the general audience to think about: "Cinema and the audiovisual industry in Argentina: aesthetics, historiographic problems, authors and styles, technology and media”. The broad subject allows for a multiplicity of viewpoints, with an award of ARG$ 10,000, two special mentions and the publication of five essays on the Festival’s Official Web Page and Imagofagia electronic magazine. 


The multiplicity of voices, the impulse to new approaches, the curiosity to reanalyze our cinema and the support given to the young generations are causes we proudly take up again on this 30° Edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. 


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