Chronicles of a Feeling


We miss you, Leonardo. We need your passion, your dreams, your memories, your nostalgia. Your legacy is huge. Nearly 20 remarkable performances, more than 18 albums and 9 unforgettable films as director confirm his immortal status, the genius and humanity he put in every artistic expression he endeavored.

November, 5th will mark 3 years of the passing of Fuad Jorge Jury, known as Leonardo Favio, and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival pays tribute to him.

First, we will screen his remarkable new film, Chronicle of a Boy Alone –Condor for Best Feature Film in the 9° Festival-, a sensitive and harsh story on the misfortunes of Polín, a boy living in a reformatory in Buenos Aires. Inspired by events of his own life, the 1965 film still is a testament of adult violence, hypocrisy, social discrimination and a criticism of authoritarian systems.


 Then, two documentaries that pay tribute to him will be screened: the first one is Favio: Crónica de un director, directed by Alejandro Venturini, which focusses on Favio’s films as director through the memories of his brother and scriptwriter, Zuhair Jury, and actors Diego Puente, Edgardo Nieva and Graciela Borges, among others. The second one is Favio, la estética de la ternura, directed by Luis and Andrés Rodríguez. It is a film focused on Favio’s poetics and sensibility with reenacted scenes that represent fragments he shot during his entire life.

They both complement each other and they are also a tribute to the director, turning him into a myth but, at the same time, revealing his truth as artist and person. Coincidentally they both feature images of Favio speaking, never seen before, probably the last words we gave in front of the camera.

Three films to continue admiring, enjoying and expanding the legend of one of the most versatile artists of national cinema. Thank you for so many things, Leonardo, we will never forget you.


Chronicle of a Boy Alone

SUN 1, 5.10 pm, PAS 2
TUE 3, 10.30 pm, PAS 2

Favio: Crónica de un director

SUN 1, 3.00 pm, PAS 1
MON 2, 1.30 PM, PAS 1

Favio, la estética de la ternura

TUE 3, 7.50 pm, PAS 2
THU 5, 1.00 pm, PAS 2  



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