What we never said

Sebastián Sánchez Amunátegui presents What We Never Said, in the Latin American Competition

Sebastián Sánchez Amunátegui’s debut film is an intimate story about family relationships, physical and emotional distance and all of those things that are difficult to talk about, but much more difficult to escape from. A story behind closed doors and with an open heart.

Where did the idea of What We Never Said come from?

What We Never Said is a script written by Flavia Atencio. One day she showed it to me to see if I was interested in producing it. I felt immediately attracted to the book, and in the process I got deeply involved with the story and the artistic decisions. At one point, the natural thing was for me to direct it.

How did you work in the script with the different themes of the film: the family relationship, the secrets, the prejudices, forgiveness and taboos?

Working with the scriptwriter was always a very fluent thing; we even laughed at the fact that we defended the same things of the characters, the situations. Both the scriptwriter and I came from Andean cities, she from Mendoza and I from Santiago.

How did you work with the direction of actors, with Argentine, Mexican and Chilean actors?

It was a great experience. I’m Chilean, I live in Mexico and I work in Argentina from time to time, the combination of the three countries I worked with in the film. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

What were the challenges of making What We Never Said?

I come from the theatre, this is my debut film and I hadn’t made not even a short film before, so I learned along the way, understanding the differences between directing a film and a play. I really enjoyed making this film.

What are your next projects?

I’ve just performed a musical in Mexico City, directed by me, called First Date. I’m working with a scriptwriter on what will be my second film, to be shot in 2017. And I’m also working on several theatre projects in Mexico City.

TUE 3, 11.00 am, CIN 2
TUE 3, 7.50 pm, CIN 2
MI 4, 5.00 pm, CIN 2


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