«From Afar» - Violence in All Its Forms

There is a distinctive feature that torments big cities. Among millions of people, the germ of loneliness is hidden. Either a generational feature or not, loneliness devastates the souls and minds of those who go through life between so many silences. Lorenzo Vigas reveals, with his directorial debut, that deafening sound when feeling lonely numbs us. He places the camera in that dark place where need, lacks and fears mix to build fragile and gobbled up relationships.

From Afar is a deep and intelligent story on two men, of different origin, age and personality, who run into each other by chance –or not so much- in one of those places where opposites attract. A story that smartly narrates, in a hidden Venezuela, the opacities of human soul, its fears and obsessions.

And it does so from a brilliant script –written by Guillermo Arriaga-, with memorable performances by Alfredo Castro and Luis Silva who portray, with perfectly outlined styles, a society broken into two, from the social, cultural and economic aspects. Away from the manicheism that usually hinders social stories, Lorenzo Viga goes deep into, with a homosexual love story that is only a pretext, the differences that get us closer. An intelligent approach to Latin American reality from a clear and provoking perspective. 



WED 4, 11.00 am, CIN 2
WED 4, 7.50 pm, CIN 2
THU 5, 5.00 pm, CIN 2



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