Two Lives to the Beat of Tango


          German Kral presents Our Last Tango in the Argentine Competition


From the Río de la Plata to the rest of the world. For over four decades, Juan Carlos Copes and María Nieves have been –and still are– the world’s most sensual dance couple. And, between two passions, tango and love, Germán Kral shows us the behind the scenes, the intimacy of a life filled with applauses, accomplishments and the weight of being the best. On the other side, and away from the audience’s eyes, personal issues come up, which harm the relationship as fame grows.




Our Last Tango presents us, in the style of a docu-fiction, the nostalgic voice of the two protagonists, played by the real actors-dancers, in different moments of their lives. The Argentine-German co-production narrates, with a sensitive intelligence, extreme poetry and an original point of view, the life of public figures, as it reveals the privacy of a couple who knew how to shake the world with their 2/4.

SAT 31, 1.10 pm, ALD 5
SAT 31, 9.40 pm, ALD 5
SUN 1, 4.00 pm, ALD 5



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