Argentine FX for Export

Argentine technology in special and visual effects has become just as good as any other country’s. The activity: "Very special effects: the amazing new wave of national FX” showed the endless possibilities to continue growing. Moderated by Pablo Conde, the table was made up of Gonzalo Gutierrez, Co-founder of the Argentine Association of Visual Effects, Pablo Parés, Director of Daemonium: Soldado de inframundo –screened in this Edition- and Simón Ratziel, prosthetic make up artist in charge of Daemonium’s FX.

The meeting was a dialogue between friends, with an audience eager to discover the latest technology breakthroughs. The four members of the table started by establishing the difference between special and visual effects. Gonzalo "GG” Gutierrez pointed out that the first "are the ones made on the set and that can be manually changed”, whereas the second ones "are the ones involving pixels, designed by computer”.

Headed by young and talented people, the FX new wave has come to stay. In the activity, fragments of works were screened, made with both techniques, which, though are very different "often end up complementing each other”, stated GG. A few minutes of Daemonium… were enough to prove the extraordinary work made by Parés and Ratziel, who said "this independent film made with no budget has a running time of 2 hours and 10 minutes and was completed in 5 years.” The outstanding images show that the 53 days of shooting and the 100 people involved every day have finally paid off.

On the other hand, and as an example of what can be done using special effects, Underlandwas screened, a visually outstanding 2-minute short film. It really leaves you in awe, as Gonzales –its director- stated. Created by a team of 12 people in 2 and a half months, it was made in order to "show what we do, since we put a lot of passion into it”. GG also screened the trailer of his next project, Pacífico, a Colombian-Argentine co-production that will definitely be a revolution.

The message was clear: this type of work can be done in Argentina. Now we only have to fight against those who still think national FX are bad. This belief is so deeply rooted that, before the screenings, Parés said: "I’m showing the work we’ve done so that you don’t think we are fooling around”. And, as the images showed, the quality of the material rules out any boycott action towards this growing industry.

We still have two more screenings of Daemonium: Soldado de inframundo, two more possibilities to admire what Argentine FX can do. 


THU 5, 6.15 pm, AMB 1

FRI 6, 3.50 PM, AMB 1


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