«The Apostate» - Reconsidering Beliefs

Álvaro Ogalla, protagonist of The Apostate, presents Federico Veiroj's film in the International Competition

A runaway is also a search. Based on this premise, Uruguayan director Federico Veiroj builds an intimate story, an intelligent and fresh view on the things we take for granted. The quest, undertaken by Tamayo, the protagonist, starts with his intention to apostatize. However, and perhaps here lies the film’s strength, the initial questioning expands and, in a pseudo existentialist style, everything around him is examined.

The initial question is, in any case, the excuse to untack those things perpetually naturalized. Religion is not the focus, neither the intention to escape from his beliefs. What is beautifully stressed is the intention to reinforce the faith, in everything that makes human nature. Trapped in a raid of bureaucracy and strong denials, his desired apostasy will gradually become a way of analyzing and evaluating his context, with a subtle insolence and boldness.

Federico Veiroj creates this Madrilenian man struggling to abandon the precepts of the Catholic Church, who embodies the attributes of a generation who questions its context, its present and, specially, its past. And it does so from a sensitive and lucid story, with the eyes of a child, as if for a moment, the power of amazement could be recovered, banned by most adults.

WED 4, 12.00 pm, AUD
WED 4, 7.30 pm, AUD
THU 5, 5.15 pm, AUD


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