«The Measure of a Man» - Dignity vs Market

Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Thierry is just one of thousands of French unemployed people. The European economic crisis has shaken markets and figures show the attacks of fierce capitalism. In The Measure of a Man, directed by Stéphane Brize, Thierry is an example of this. Is that little mise en abyme of an evilness that infects everybody, turned into the weary wander of a man who has been unemployed for over 20 months. Thierry –a splendid Vincent Linden- carries that wearing and dehumanizing weight on his shoulders, and this is constantly translated into the camera movements, how that apparent passivity starts becoming a latent weariness.

After figures and statistics comes human reality. The Measure of a Man focusses on that dehumanization that is set in motion when a universal right, access to a dignified job, is denied, as a consequence of large corporations and a system that expels individuals, without blame or justice.

Stéphane Brize builds an extraordinary map of situation, and asks questions that, unfortunately, have already been naturalized and hidden. Provocative, devoid of manicheism and filled with an overwhelming realism, The Measure of a Manfocusses on the freedom of human beings, their dignity and the sad but automatized loss of moral values. Impositions beyond human wellbeing are intermingled in an intelligent anatomy of labor rights in an increasingly voracious market. 

TUE 3, 09.00 am, AUD
TUE 3, 7.30 pm, AUD
WED 4, 5.00 pm, AUD


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