Rescuing Our Audiovisual Heritage


A country’s identity is not only made by those who were born there, but also by the immigrants who brought and interchanged culture and knowledge and who, as years went by, left a mark in the country’s heritage. A heritage that deserves to be remembered and recovered.

This year, the Mar del Plata International Film Festival will go through the career of foreign filmmakers who, for different reasons, built a vast and rich filmography in our country. For example, Ralph Pappier, who worked as set designer until he started directing. Or Pierre Chenal, who came from Europe and gave national cinema his own personal style.

We will also have the chance to enjoy the best films by an iconic director like Luis Cesar Amadori, the sensitivity of Hugo del Carril, the humanism of professor Humberto Ríosor the more personal work of Carlos Borcosque.

In addition to this, the Program of Audiovisual Heritage Recovery will bring us several classic films in restored 35mm copies, and immortal works by politically and socially committed filmmakers such as Gerardo Vallejo,Fernando BirriandRaymundo Gleyzer.

Also, there will be a tribute to the amazing Leonardo Favio, through the perspective and analyses of filmmakers who expressed their love and devotion in two moving documentaries, which will be complemented with the screening of Favio’s directorial debut, Chronicle of a Boy Alone.

The variety of options is remarkable. The importance of the land, its musical roots, its inhabitants, the local myths and legends, the consequences of the inhabitants’ acts. A wide array of subjects devoted to a national identity that keeps surprising us and the planted the seeds for Argentine cinema of today, tomorrow and forever…


Native Classics

Los tallos amargos, by Fernando Ayala

Recovered advertising cinema (1966-1986)


Tribute to Hugo del Carril

Esta tierra es mía, by Hugo del Carril

La calesita, by Hugo del Carril


Tribute to Luis Cesar Amadori

Maestro Levita, by Luis Cesar Amadori

Madreselva, byLuis Cesar Amadori


Tribute to Humberto Ríos

Faena, by Humberto Ríos


Tribute to Carlos Boscosque

Pobres habrá siempre, by Carlos Borcosque


Ralph Pappier

Pobre mi madre querida, by Homero Manzi and Ralph Pappier

Ayer y hoy,by Ralph Pappier

El último payador, by Homero Manzi and Ralph Pappier

El festín de Satanás(fragment), by Ralph Pappier

Escuela de campeones, by Ralph Pappier

Native Pony, by Ralph Pappier

La morocha, by Ralph Pappier

Donde el viento brama, by Ralph Pappier


Program of audiovisual heritage recovery


All-time Great Argentine Cinema

The Venerable Ones, by Manuel Antín

En las nuevas tierras donde el oro abunda, by Francois Verstraeten

Pájaros sin nido, by Jose Agustín Ferreyra

Beauty Parlor, by Luis José Bayón Herrera

Jack Called Three Times, by Luis José Bayón Herrera

Mundo extraño, by Franz Eichorn

La Tierra del Fuego se apaga, by Emilio Fernández

Alto Paraná, by Catrano Catrani

Aquello que amamos, by Leopoldo Torre Ríos

El encuentro, by Dino Minniti

El juego más hermoso del mundo, by Román Viñoly Barreto

The ABC of Love, by Rodolfo Kuhn

Stick and Bone, by Nicolás Sarquís


Ever Onward to Memory

Flooded Out, by Fernando Birri

Toss me a Dime by Fernando Birri, Juan Carlos Cabello, María Domínguez, Manuel Giménez, Hugo Gola, Neri Milesi, Rubén Rodríguez and Enrique Urteaga

Viejo Reales’ Long Way Journey to Death, by Gerardo Vallejo

Las cosas ciertas, by Gerardo Vallejo

Quilinoby Raymundo Gleyzer

Ceramiqueros de Traslasierraby Raymundo Gleyzer

Swift, by Raymundo Gleyzer


Leonardo Favio

Favio: Crónica de un director, by Alejandro Venturini

Favio, la estética de la ternura, by Luis and Andrés Rodríguez

Chronicle of a Boy Alone, by Leonardo Favio


Pierre Chenal

A Real Man, by Pierre Chenal

The Corpse Breaks a Date, by Pierre Chenal

Se abre el abismo, by Pierre Chenal

Viaje sin regreso, by Pierre Chenal

El ídolo, by Pierre Chenal

Sección desaparecidos, by Pierre Chenal

Native Son, by Pierre Chenal


Special Screenings

La guardería, by Virginia Croatto


Short Films that won the INCAA TV Award in National Festivals

20 años breves, by Bebe Kamin

Cimarrón, by Chiara Ghio

El plan, by Victor Postiglione

Una mujer en el bosque, by César Sodero

Short Film Night



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