Between Two Events: Suárez, Concert and Documentary


A must!
 Suárez Reunion Recital 
Sunday  1st Nov, 11.30 pm 
Espacio El Puente



They were an indie and lo-fi rock band that became a cult band in the 90s. Young people who were looking for an alternative, for the avant-garde of Argentine musical culture, found in Suárez "a vanishing point”. However, the band made up off Rosario Bléfari, Fabio Suárez, Gonzalo Córdoba, Marcelo Zanelli and Diego Fosser, defined by its chaotic, frenzied and out-of-tune style, had a short life.

A little over 10 years and 5 records were enough to turn them into one of the most important exponents of underground music. They were born in the late 80s, in a bar in San Telmo, and they toured in Chile and Spain. In the middle of the 2001 economic crisis, Suárez split up for different personal reasons and they never played together again… until now!

Through a clever edition of home footage, director Fernando M. Blanco creates Entre dos luces. Suárez. Primera parte, a documentary about the band’s private life, from their own perspective. A personal evolution tainted with nostalgia through cassettes that work as found footage of a decade in the life of these five young artists. Creative processes, private sessions, rehearsals and everyday life. Humor, tenderness and creativity. Going into the imagination and peeping into the past create a voyeuristic feeling worth watching in cinema.

But that’s not the end. Suárezcelebrates the screening of the documentary with a live show. Yes! Suárez goes back to the stage!

Sunday, November 1st at 11.30 pm, at El Puente, will be the night of the reunion, the night when Suárez will give his first concert in 14 years. A unique event, which you cannot miss if you are a fan. And if you are not, it is a good opportunity to know them and pay tribute to them.

Documentary+concert. Suárez finds in the 30° Mar del Plata International Film Festival the recognition they deserve.






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