«Eva Doesn't Sleep» - Echoes of a Dormant Past

Pablo Agüero presents Eva Doesn’t Sleep in the International Competition

That little saint pagan overthrew God, says the voice-over in Eva Doesn’t Sleep, Pablo Agüero’s fourth feature film. And it sends a chill down your spine. It sends a chill down your spine to think that this fiction is part of our contemporary history. It sends a chill down your spine the sensitivity with which Pablo Agüero tells a story that started out as a myth and became one of the most shameful chapters of our past. It sends a chill down your spine the intelligent use of stylistic resources, the bright musicalization, the carefully selected footage and the brilliant performances that accompany a brave story, devoid of sentimentality and political extremism.

It took me a quarter of a century to catch a woman. Yes, just one woman. A woman who was already dead. Eva Doesn’t Sleep embodies and describes, through the mythical figure of Eva Perón and the symbolism of the political figure’s body, the social consequences of her death and her iconic nature. Beautiful and atrocious parable of an Argentina split into two, a breeding ground for hatred and civil wars. And yet politics is subjugated by the different threads of meaning that spring from that body, that female body, which has been dehumanized, deified, signified and used as a battle flag that gets blurred by historical revisionism.

Eva Doesn’t Sleep is a strong lash, an abrupt awakening with outstanding technical resources and narrative coherence; a sensory and historical experience, between memory’s chiaroscuros, reflection and the power of art as unescapable engine to reflect upon ourselves.

SAT 31, 12.00 pm, AUD
SAT 31, 10 pm, AUD
SUN 1, 2.30 pm, AUD


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