Free Screenings of Genre Cinema and Beastie Boys


Free Screenings

Oct 30 - Del Paseo 1 - 11.00 pm

Nov 1 – Del Paseo 4 - 00.40 am


Double feature, double pleasure. Free screenings of Tungsteno (Short) Films, by a singular duo, Pedro Maccarone-Max Franco, and Paul’s Boutique - A visual companion, directed by Paolo Gilli and Fabio Suanno, about Bestie Boys’ second and iconic album. Music, pop references and genre cinema to have an amazing Festival start!

Tungsteno (Short) Films

A couple of editions ago, this irreverent duo who love genre films gave us WOW, an amazing medium-length film that has a second part. Now, they are back with three short films: All Bitches –with a fearsome ghost, but for the wrong reasons–, Gone –a very subjective view on the zombie apocalypse– and Shh!, which confirms that it is convenient to shut the closet’s door.


Paul’s Boutique – A visual companion

We are facing a wonderful experiment. Illustrating one of the best albums of all times with an ultra-powerful, witty, cinephile collage, two young Italians process the infinite cosmogony that is that second gift the Beastie Boys gave us. Paul's Boutique is a welter of references to the whole Pop universe. Here we have a possible decoding.



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