Winners of the First LoboLab Edition


First LoboLab Award

Los Colonos, by Felipe Gálvez - Chile

Produced by Dominga Sotomayor and Matías Hernández.For its strength and quality, because it has a promising director and a talented production company, and because this award will enable the development of a project that will certainly get far.


Second LoboLab Award

Pólvora en el corazón, by Camilia Urrutia - Guatemala / Mexico

Produced by Inés Nofuentes. For the original idea and the courage of its director, the jury wanted to give her the possibility to travel in order for the project to find every opportunity to connect and open up to the world.


Jury Special Mention

Antawara, by Carlos Piñeiro - Bolivia

Produced by Juan Pablo Piñeiro. For the perspective offered by this project and its team, faithful to its place of origin and filled with an originality that cuts through its structure, as also the way of working for this type of independent cinema.  




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