“Doing things is our goal when we shoot, not the product itself”




The new documentary by Valentín Javier Diment, The Gorevisión’s system (cinema, micro-politics and rock and roll), captures the creative process and shootings of Gorevisión, run by Germán Magariños, a production company that makes B movies with very low budgets. With over 20 feature films, Magariños and his crew go out to shoot to have fun and try new things, as Diment captures their everyday life, letting the audience into a singular, unknown and maniac micro-universe, filled with ideas and teasing.

"I know them thanks to Nicanor Loreti”, recalls Diment. "I was surprised by the Gores’ intelligence and sensibility, I could see the layers hidden behind the image they project in their films. That made me think I could make a great documentary about them. Fun, human and intelligent”.

What can we learn from Gorevisión’s mechanisms of production and distribution which may be applied in other films?

Have fun while shooting, for example. But in the documentary we see that there are also tensions, disagreements. Behind that apparent lack of interest, there is certain commitment with the film they’re making. Also, something Vic Cicuta says: "Doing things is our goal when we shoot, not the product itself”, which means, they get together to shoot, regardless of what they’re going to shoot. Those are characteristics that define them, very interesting to analyze regarding why you make films, what for and how.


"The point is to provoke –dicks, guts, bizarre things and monstrosities–, and that goes beyond the story. I wouldn’t know how to do what they do.”


Diment defines himself as the opposite of Gorevisión–cinematographically speaking- and that is how the interest for shooting them began.

"I care a lot for what I shoot. Without the commitment with the story, or with the idea of the film I’m making, I couldn’t even go out to shoot, or put up with the moments of anxiety or all the energy you have to put into it. What they do interests me, amuses me, makes me think, but I don’t feel identified with it”, admits the director of La memoria del muerto. "Because the point is to provoke –dicks, guts, bizarre things and monstrosities-, and that goes beyond the story. I wouldn’t know how to do what they do. I like gore and provocation, but if they are part of a solid and interesting story, with reflections and different interpretations”.

How would be a Diment film shot by Gorevisión?

I’d say a very bad one, because one of the best things of Gorevisión is a spontaneity that I, more pretentious and twisted, wouldn’t know how to emulate, without losing the interest. Anyway, the levels of commitment and reflection of Magariños and his troupe grow, change, I think we have Gorevisión for quite some time, and that their language will also change. They are very intelligent restless people, and they have added, after so many shootings, new elements, things that will avoid a standstill. What you can’t deny is that they have a real and unique view on things. What may be seen as lack of interest or laziness, they turn it into a language, in an intuitive and intelligent way.

 "What may be seen as lack of interest or laziness, they turn it into a language, in an intuitive and intelligent way.”



The documentary is informal and its style is in tune with Gorevisión’s production methods. How did you generate empathy with the characters in order to accomplish this informal register?

We know each other since we were kids. We share social events and drinks. At first the agreement was perfect but then we had certain disagreements and tensions. There’s a lot of footage from different kinds of arguments, which were solved thanks to good will, but it was a mess. On the other hand, Pablo Aparo’s work was key, the director of the second unit, who perfectly understood the idea and had a lot of empathy with the Gores, and gave us essential material. The thing is that the initial idea was very clear and conclusive, and that’s always the best guidance.

What is your favorite Gorevisión film? Why?

I love Un cazador de zombis, because it implies a great moral dilemma: the world is in danger and only one person can save it, but he is a pedophile, a horrible person. A great idea, someone should do the remake one day. And Goretech,because it’s the one I like best as a children’s story. It flows and works perfectly.


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