Today Starts the First Edition of LoboLab


A necessary meeting. Today starts the first edition of LoboLab, which will bring together the representatives of 10 Latin American projects in development with more than 20 international production companies from Europe, North America and Latin America. The international jury will choose the best project, which will be awarded with ARG$100,000.

This initiative of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival improves the agenda of emerging Latin American cinema, strengthening the bonds between local new talents and international figures.


The selected projects for this first edition are:


Jugo de tomate frío, by Sofía Mora. Producer: Federico Sande Novo / Le Tiro Cine -Argentina-. 

Antawara, by Carlos E. Piñeiro. Producer: Juan Pablo Piñeiro / Socavón Cine -Bolivia-.

El futuro que viene, by Constanza Novick. Producers: Lisandro Alonso & Ignacio Sarchi / 4L + 188CINE -Argentina-.

Los vagos, by Gustavo Biazzi. Producers: Giselle Lozano and Santiago Carabante / La unión de los ríos -Argentina-.

Ontem havia coisas estranhas no céu, by Bruno Risas. Producers: Julia Alves and Michael Wahrmann / Sancho Filmes + Punta colorada de Cinema -Brasil-.

Los colonos, by Felipe Gálvez. Producers: Dominga Sotomayor y Matías Hernández / Cinestación -Chile-.

Petit frère, by Rodrigo Robledo and Roberto Collio.Producers: Eugenio Ramírez and Isabel Orellana / Araucaria Cine -Chile-.

El estudiante de cine, by Agustín Godoy. Producer: Agustín Gagliardi / Capataz Cine -Colombia- - Project selected in cooperation with BrLab from Brazil.

Panamá, by Javier Izquierdo. Producer: Tomás Astudillo / Ostinato Cine -Ecuador-.

Pólvora en el corazón, by Camila Urrutia. Producer: Inés Nofuentes -Guatemala/México-.


Here they are, these are the 14 producers from around the world who come to find projects to co-produce!


Henning Kamm / Detail Film & Zentropa Germany / GERMANY

Paulo de Carvalho / Autentika Films / GERMANY

Vania Catani / Bananeira Filmes / BRAZIL

Tatiana Leite / Bubbles Project / BRAZIL

Paola Wink / Tokyo Filmes / BRAZIL

Constance Malpel / Peripheria / CANADA

Giancarlo Nasi / Don Quijote Films / CHILE

Jorge Forero / Burning Blue / COLOMBIA

Patricia Drati Ronde / Sam Productions / DENMARK

Sophie Erbs / Cinéma Defacto / FRANCE

PierreMenahem / Still Moving / FRANCE

AlexaRivero / Altamar Films / FRANCE

Laurette Schilling / Topkapi Films / HOLLAND

Maximiliano Cruz / Interior 13 / MEXICO



 The Juries of this first edition are:


She worked for six years as head of festivals, alternative distribution, and ARTSCOPE label development for the distribution company Memento Films International. Ever since 2006, she is a script reader for several institutions and international funds. In 2014, she began his collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival as a project manager for Locarno Industry Academy, and also as a member of the selection committee for Open Doors, the festival's co-production lab. She also worked for Cinemart Rotterdam as an independent consulter. She lives and works in Buenos Aires.



She is a graduate in Audiovisual Aesthetics and Communication. She worked in cinema and advertising independently, and later joined Public Television (TVN) where she spent seven years in different positions, among them the acquisition of films and other foreign contents, as well as analysis of international programming trends. She's currently the CEO of the CinemaChile Foundation, an institution that is internationally acknowledged as one of the main articulators in positioning Chilean cinema abroad.


Founder of RT Features, he produced the feature-length films Tim Maia, Alemão, The Silver Abyss, O cheiro do ralo, the series O hipnotizador for HBO Latin America and Amor em quatro atos for Red Globo, among others. For the international market, he has also produced several feature-length films, including Frances Ha (nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Film and Best Comedy Actress), Night Moves, Love is Strange and Love (premiered at the last edition of Cannes Film Festival). In 2016 he will release three Brazilian films directed by Marco Dutra, Gabriela Amaral Almeida and Jose Eduardo Belmonte, as well as Noah Baumbach's Mistress America, Robert Eggers's The Witch and James Shamus' Indignation.





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