Guests of Honor for a Historical Festival

The 30° Mar del Plata International Film Festival will have the honor to receive the exclusive visit of three artists. Three filmmakers, with a vast and rich artistic career, for the delight of film lovers.

First, filmmaker Arnaud Desplechinwill present his latest film, My Golden Days, a new sample of his incredible talent as narrator. The film follows the memoirs of its protagonist, Paul Dédalus –Mathieu Amalric, the filmmaker’s alter ego- as he is investigated for alleged espionage for the Soviet Union. Dédalus had already starred in Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle), Desplechin’s second and very personal film.

My Golden Days will also be the opening film that will kick off the 30° Mar del Plata International Film Festival on Friday, October 30th.

From the new continent, prolific Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan will come to the Festival with his 39th film. The renowned filmmaker, who directed controversial films like Exotica andThe Sweet Hereafter, brings to the Festival his new film Remember, about an eighty-year-old man who seeks revenge for World War II crimes. The film, which is part of the International Competition, is starred by legendary Academy Award-winners such as Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau, in one of their best performances.

And we leave the best for last. The artisan of action cinema and triad films, Johnny To, will come to the Festival to indulge us withOffice, his latest brilliant film, which will be part of Panorama Authors. In this opportunity, the multifaceted director from Hong Kong makes an incursion on musical genre, in the cinematographic adaptation of Sylvia Chang’s Design for Living. The film is a story focused on several characters that takes places in the offices of a billionaire company. Comedy, romance, madness and many songs make up this original film by the director of the Election saga, starred by the great Asian star Chow Yun Fat.

Three names that enrich the history of the Mar del Plata Film Festival and that will not go unnoticed on the red carpet of this 30° Edition.



My Golden Years, by Arnaud Desplechin




Office, by Johnny To




Remember, by Atom Egoyan






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