Koza, a Cross to the Jaw


 Ivan Ostrochovsky presents his first feature film, Koza, in the International Competition

From its very title, Koza articulates a portrait. And, like every portrait, it reveals the external lines that constitute it. At the forefront, Peter "Koza” Baláž, real Olympic boxer who, both in real life and in Ivan Ostrochovsky’s fictional debut film, set aside from the universe of the professional sport. In the background, and as a violent lash, a rude context, pierced by an existential and moral dilemma that forces the protagonist to continue on an inertia of blows, deteriorating his body and soul. That distant past of glory and shine faces a dark present, filled with economic problems, physical limitations, an arid and violent context, harsher than the blows he takes in petty fights.

The fascinating thing about Koza is that Ivan Ostrochvsky manages to create a story where visual beauty is not absent to, paradoxically, portray a rudimentary life that has lost its course. Both poetic and bitter, Koza is a sensitive story embedded in a former sport glory, that works as a crude study on broken dreams and meager illusions that survive in a world that sometimes hits harder.

With a flawless script, co-written by Marek Leščak, and an outstanding cinematography by Martin Kollár, Koza goes beyond the ideas of the fallen hero and becomes an amazing audiovisual experience, with temperatures below zero and warm atmospheres, to build a sensitive portrayal of the strength of human spirit and its power of resilience.


SAT 31, 09.00 am, AUD
SAT 31, 8 pm, AUD
SUN 1, 5.00 pm. AUD



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