«The Island of Wind» - Build What We Believe In

José Luis Gómez, protagonist of The Island of Wind,  presents  Manuel Menchón's Film in the International Competition

Build what we believe in, a phrase that echoes and a motto in Manuel Menchón’s fictional debut film, The Island of Wind. And it is a sort of prelude to an extreme journey that will reverberate in the protagonist’s inner self, philosopher and intellectual Miguel de Unamuno. This Spanish-Argentine production focusses on his banishment by Primo de Rivera's dictatorship. In every forced escape, especially to a forgotten and arid "wasteland”, melancholy, impotent silence and imposed oblivion unleash. Romero’s camera follows this silenced traveler through his nostalgia, his self-awareness in adverse circumstances and his extreme learning when he opens his heart and soul to a new reality and to the locals.

And it is relentless. The full record of a man in his outmost loneliness, from a lucid script that builds a flawless dramatic progression of this outcast from power and from words. For not ceasing to write, Unamuno tells his exile companions, in that wild prison, the island of Fuerteventura. For not keeping quiet before an absolutist regime and the King, Unamuno goes through an initiation travel, which will completely change the conception on his works and thoughts.

Sometimes, being quiet is like lying, since silence can be taken as acquiescence. Unamuno embodied everything the regime wanted to silence. And Manuel Menchón takes that essence and masterfully portrays it, focusing on a man deprived of his only weapon, words. With wonderful performances, and a Unamuno portrayed by an amazing José Luis Gómez, The Island of Wind brings the past to the present, where it still echoes. An echo of words, recent story says, that have not been erased.



WED 4, 9.00 am, AUD
WED 4, 10.00 pm, AUD
THU 5, 2.30 pm, AUD



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