«Incident Light» - An Anatomy of Pain

Ariel Rotter presents Incident Light in the International Competition 


Luisa is in half-light, in an almost entire darkness, filled with memories and devoid of certainties. The darkness is that of loneliness after her husband’s company. And that is the darkest loneliness of all. Ariel Rotter anatomizes and analyzes that moment. He puts his camera as dissection element and examines a woman’s soul and mind, the mother of two girls who hardly knew their father. Incident Light is a poetic and precise contemplation of that instant, when destiny leaves you ready to go somewhere, but not knowing where.

And shadows are not infinite, though they may seem so. A light bursts into that shelter, built because of the pain, and warns Luisa –Erica Rivas, in a touching performance that sends a chill down your spine and goes beyond the screen- that, in a crossroad, all you can do is go to the light. That light, embodied in a man, who fights a silent and persistent war, will put the protagonist in a place of introspection, swinging between present, past and memories.


A beautiful story in black and white, with an outstanding cinematography, atmospheres and universes built from small details, with an overwhelming eloquence. Incident Light is a pleasant story that portrays that unexpected and abrupt space when life takes a turn and the personal universe gets rid of concrete things and opens to the vague, to that beam of light that tears certainties to pieces.






MON 2, 12.00 pm, AUD
MON 2, 10.00 pm, AUD
TUE 3, 5.00 pm, AUD




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