Pixar's Magic Livens Up Mar del Plata



Can you imagine how the destiny of the evolution of the species would have changed if the dinosaurs had not become extinct? This is the question Pixar’s creatives ask themselves in their upcoming film The Good Dinosaur, an adventure set in prehistory times about a curious dinosaur who adopts a human child as a pet, a new species that burst into the ecosystem of Earth’s first inhabitants.

Peter Sohn, the film’s director, will come to the Festival to give a master class about Pixar’s working methods and his experience with the production company responsible for Toy Story, Cars and Monsters Inc., among many other hits.

From prehistory to Mar del Plata, Pixar’s beauty goes beyond time and frontiers.





Sunday, November 1st - Paseo Cultural y Comercial Aldrey - Room 3 - 5.00 pm 


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