The first edition of the international coproduction meetings, LoboLab, will be held between November 5th and 7th, 2015.

LoboLab will bring together representatives of 10 Latin American feature film projects in the development stage with more than 20 international production companies from Europe and Latin America. The international jury will choose the best project which will be awarded with ARG$100,000.

This initiative from the Mar del Plata Film Festival greatly improves the agenda of Latin American emerging cinema, strengthening the bonds between our region’s novel talents and renowned figures from the international scene.



These are the chosen ones:


Jugo de tomate frío, by Sofía Mora. Producer: Federico Sande Novo / Le Tiro Cine -Argentina-.

Antawara, by Carlos E. Piñeiro. Producer: Juan Pablo Piñeiro / Socavón Cine -Bolivia-.

El futuro que viene, by Constanza Novick. Producers: Lisandro Alonso & Ignacio Sarchi / 4L + 188CINE -Argentina-.

Los vagos, by Gustavo Biazzi. Producers: Giselle Lozano and Santiago Carabante / La unión de los ríos -Argentina-.

Ontem havia coisas estranhas no céu, by Bruno Risas. Producers: Julia Alves and Michael Wahrmann / Sancho Filmes + Punta colorada de Cinema -Brasil-.

Los colonos, by Felipe Gálvez. Producers: Dominga Sotomayor y Matías Hernández / Cinestación -Chile-.

Petit frère, by Rodrigo Robledo and Roberto Collio. Producers: Eugenio Ramírez and Isabel Orellana / Araucaria Cine -Chile-.

El estudiante de cineby Agustín Godoy. Producer: Agustín Gagliardi / Capataz Cine -Colombia- - Project selected in cooperation with BrLab from Brazil.

Panamá, by Javier Izquierdo. Producer: Tomás Astudillo / Ostinato Cine -Ecuador-.

Pólvora en el corazón, by Camila Urrutia. Producer: Inés Nofuentes -Guatemala/México-.





The National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), as part of the 30° Mar del Plata International Film Festival, shall organize the LoboLab International Coproduction Meetings for Latin American Projects in the Development Stage.


LoboLab shall take place between November 5th and November 7th, 2015, and shall consist of "one-to-one” meetings between directors and producers of full-length films in the development stage and potential producer partners from different parts of the continent and around the world; and an exclusively artistic meeting between a guest director and the representatives of the selected projects.


Entry to Lobolab is free of charge and open to full-length film projects in the development stage, fiction, documentary and experimental, from all over Latin America. The projects must not have been shot before the Meetings. The director, the producer and over 50% of the projects’ locations must belong to a Latin American country.


In order to submit a project to the LoboLab selection, participants must send, exclusively by e-mail to alobolab@mardelplatafilmfest.com, a PDF document with all the material requested in Article 6, with the subject "ENTRY TO LOBOLAB PROJECT (TITLE)”.


The Pre-Selection Committee shall recommend to a Selection Committee (made up essentially of the Festival’s Artistic Direction) those projects deemed to respond to the objectives of Lobolab and of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, and those that show outclassing and renewed artistic and production values.


The presentation to be submitted in PDF format shall be written in Spanish only and include:

6.1) Project’s Title

6.2) Director’s and producer’s name and surname

6.3) Project’s contact information (telephone number, e-mail address)

6.4) Technical information (genre, runtime, format)

6.5) Synopsis (no longer than 1 page)

6.6) Treatment (between 8 and 10 pages)

6.7) Letter of intent from the director about his/her project (no longer than 1 page)

6.8) Thorough description by the producer of the general production design (no longer than 1 page)

6.9) Financial plan, both in its traditional format (Excel) and in text format, fully explaining it, including pre and post-shooting stages.

6.10) Project’s schedule until its final cut.

6.11) Bio-filmography of director and producer.

6.12) Links to watch online previous works both from the director and the producer.


Projects linked with any member of the organization of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, or with people who are part of INCAA’s staff, or the LoboLab Pre-selection and Selection Committee shall not be allowed to participate of the Meetings.


The applicant producers must have made one or more feature films. The project may be the director’s first film.


When a project has been selected to participate of the LoboLab, the applicant (director or producer) shall be notified, requesting additional material. The participant must submit the requested material as soon as possible. The material shall be used for the Catalogue, Web Page, press, publicity and promotion of LoboLab and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.


Once a project has been selected to be part of Lobolab, it cannot be withdrawn from LoboLab.


The meetings shall be held in Spanish (with Spanish-speaking guests) or in English.


A jury made up of three renowned figures from the international film industry shall have a meeting with the representatives of the selected projects and shall choose the best project.


The producers of the winner project shall include the LoboLab logotype in the film’s opening credits, as well as in the rolling credits and any promotion or exhibition material. All projects selected to participate of the Meetings shall include the Lobolab and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival logotypes in their rolling credits. The logotypes shall be available on the Festival headquarters.


The sole participation in Lobolab implies authorization from the Participants to publish and promote images, pictures and participants’ names and surnames on the web page and other means of communication belonging to LoboLab, the Mar del Plata International Film Festival and INCAA.


Participation in Lobolab implies acceptance of the present Guidelines by the applicants.


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