Mothers Who Fight for Their Sons

When a feeling is shared, there is no distance between two people. Kilometers, languages and customs are erased: two mothers who have lost their sons only need to fuse in a big hug to know they feel the same. That is why it is not surprising to see Nora Cortiñas in Turkish Kurdistan, bringing the example of her fight to Madres de La Paz.

Pañuelos para la historia is the testimony of the trip made by the President of Madres de Plaza de Mayo Línea Fundadora to that remote Asian region. There, after World War II, the territories were divided into four countries leaving the Kurd people literally in the middle of a voracious despite over territory. To fight against autonomist voices –which seek to rescue values and traditions- the Turkish State murdered and disappeared thousands of people during the nineties. Madres de la Paz are the mothers of those young men who fought for a world without wars.

Portraying intimate moments of Nora, the documentary makes a parallel between Argentine and Kurd history and, above all, between Madres de los pañuelos. The touching story of these women, and the gratefulness towards Nora for sharing his nearly 40 years of struggle, are the film’s core. In the end, beyond the story’s own weight, the biggest merit is the emotions we feel when watching people who, without sharing the same language, speak the language of pain.

But Pañuelos para la historia is not only focused on the political side and the fight. It also has beautiful moments of Nora talking to her family and companions, of Nora’s birthday on March, 22nd, of Nora contributing to the organization of Marcha de 24, of Nora tired of climbing mountains, of Nora happy for having contributed to the letter submitted by Madres de la Paz to ONU, of Nora in the celebration of the Kurd New Year: it is a very special journey accompanying an amazing woman, Nora Cortiñas. 


THU 5, 6.50 pm, ALD 5
FRI 6, 10.20 am, ALD 5
SAT 7, 1.10 pm, ALD 5



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