«Popular Mechanics» - Mind Games

Alejandro Agresti presents Popular Mechanics in the International Competition

How can you philosophize when life says enough? Death seems to be the only way out for Mario Zavadlikner, a top publisher of philosophy, history and psychoanalysis texts. The only way out of a life based on ceaselessly publishing other people’s thoughts is to question the inertia and shoot yourself. At least that is what the protagonist decides to do, played by Alejandro Awada. However, inertia will break before, not by the potential power of a bullet, but by the impudence of a young writer who bursts into the publishing house with suicide threats unless he, the publishing genius, reads her novel.

Mario’s disenchantment with society, the rhythm of culture and his own personal decisions will be questioned by the incipient look of a woman who still believes in the things we has long stopped believing in. A game that seems like a nightmare will begin, where past hallucinations and present struggles mingle in metaphysical discussions on passion, the meaning of art and, mainly, the meaning of their own lives.

Agresti’s new film dives into the publishing world and the peevishness of a man downhearted and devastated by the past and the present. A story that takes place in a single night –with reminiscences of a dreadful past that left permanent marks in the present-, immersed in a publishing house in half darkness, with a security employee remarkably played by Patricio Contreras. A story worthy of being published.



MON 2, 9.00 am, AUD
MON 2, 7.30 pm, AUD
TUES 3, 2.30 pm, AUD




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