«O futebol» - The Beauty of Everyday Things

Sergio Oksman presents O futebol in the International Competition

I don’t want my grandson to go through this. We’re going to fix it, says Simăo, as he watches a football match from a tavern bar. Because Sergio Oksman’s docu-fiction takes place during the 2014 World Cup, in an altered Brazil, which serves as an excuse for the reunion of a father and a son after 20 years of distances. In the forefront is the relationship that, with eloquent silences, starts reconstructing. Father as protagonist and son as director, they solve these interstices through conversations about the Jogo mais bonito, work and routine. Because that routine coincides with such a massive sport event, which becomes even bigger, more superb and majestic captured by Oksman’s camera.

What we see is life passing by, devoid of grandiloquence and artifice. There are no impostures to signal what does not exist, or to stress what unfolds in conversations where bonds are restored slowly, without haste or extreme tenderness. With an accurate register and beautiful images of a Brazil outside the stadiums, we see in a constant present those things that only happen once, like the moment of the German goal to Argentina –with the deafening sound of that instant-, the days shared by Simăo and Sergio in his visit from Spain and the outburst and sudden twist the documentary takes at the end.

Sergio Oksman manages to portray that ephemeral moment when everything starts developing, with its small and big surprises, with absences and presences, with huge events millions of people care for, or those that are giant for just a few. With outstanding technical resources, Oksman builds a docu-fiction that unveils before our eyes the concealed beauty of life passing by, nothing more, nothing less.



SUN 1, 12.00 pm, AUD
SUN 1, 10.00 pm, AUD
LU 2, 2.30 pm, AUD


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