«Office», the wolves of Hong Kong


A multitalented, intelligent, ingenious, creative man. A full artist. Johnnie To is in the Mar del Plata International Film Festival to bring us his wisdom, his love for genre and for the camera. But he did not come empty-handed, he brought his latest masterpiece: Office, his first musical.

Based on the play by Sylvia Chang –also protagonist of the film-, the story takes place in a huge office building of a billionaire company after it is sold to a new company, whose owner is played by Chow Yun Fat, and who is about to leave his legacy to his lover. From that premise, To changes the violet world of triads and professional murders for an even deadlier and butchery one: the world of powerful multinational companies.

A subtle criticism on capitalist system, Officeis a powerful, sensual and aggressive musical, where the director shows his artisan style for creating beautiful choreographies, faithful to his classic aesthetics, but with outstanding technological resources. Tragedy, love, hate and black humor is what the master of Hong Kong cinema brings us this time, who will be here so that we can thank him for some many years of action and never-ending adrenaline.


THU 5, 9.10 pm, AMB 1

FRI 6, 9.10 pm, AMB 1



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