«Pequeño diccionario ilustrado de la electricidad» - Electricity is a Demon

Pequeño diccionario ilustrado de la electricidad, by Carolina Rimini and Gustavo Galuppo, will be screened today as part of the Argentine Competition

Christian Villeneuve, pioneer in the investigation and development of electric energy applied to audiovisual media, is a character completely overlooked by official history. The tragic route of his developments was signed by the eagerness to find a way of bringing the dead back to life, an idea which turned into an obsession with his wife’s death, opera singer Stilla Mihaly.Pequeño diccionario ilustrado de la electricidadreconstructs his unlikely itinerary, in a game that swings between verification and creation, from the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 until the present day, outlining in its historical scheme the passage from industrial capitalism to its current rooted and ruthless forms in neoliberal globalization. Gothic horror, B science fiction, conspiratorial fantasy and historical-political lucubration, interconnected in a network of association with the form of a scientific dissemination documentary.



FRI 6, 1.10 pm, ALD 5
FRI 6, 9.40 pm, ALD 5
SA 7, 4.00 pm, ALD 5



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