Recovery Multiplied by 3


As part of INCAA’s Film Restoration and Digitalization Program, the special activity "Presentation of books on the work of Raymundo Gleyzer, Gerado Vallejo and Fernando Birri” was held. In Room 1 of Paseo Aldrey, Lucrecia Cardoso, Fernando Martín Peña, Vanessa Ragone, Ariel Direse, Lucas Guidalevich, Cynthia Sabat, Eva Piwowarski and Horacio Campodónico talked about the books.

Presented by María Elda Pincolini, the event combines two areas of recovery of memory, linked with the three directors. On the one hand, restoration and digitalization of their films –together with films by Jorge "El Tigre” Cedrón, screened on the 28º Edition of the Festival– and, on the other, the presentation of the three books. Both materials were produced by INCAA and will be part of an anthology titled "Hasta la memoria siempre”.

The first words, by the President of INCAA, focused on "memory as part of our identity and the possibility of fully recovering it”, through the policies implemented during the past few years. These two essential and complementary vectors, the preservation of 35 mm material, supervised by Fernando Martín Peña, and the digitalization undertaken throughout the entire country by Ariel Direse, guarantee the permanence of the material as well as the democratization of access.

"Film and digital –stored in ARSAT- material are a commitment with memory”, stated Direse. According to Fernando Martín Peña, this decision puts an end to "a long period of institutions doing nothing” to recover our archive. Lucas Guidalevich, COO of Cinecolor, explained the details of the process of restoring material and, as a sample, a 3-minute trailer was screened, showing the excellent quality of many films "abandoned on the warehouses’ floors”.  

Also, the material is stored in different formats so that they have a high quality but can be broadcasted on television, according to the required rules. Vanessa Ragone, Director of INCAA TV, was very excited about this because "from our screens we are showing these classics to a lot pf people”.

The second part of the activity was the presentation of the books. La mirada del Pueblo, by Eva Piwowarski and Eliana Gibead, Compañero Raymundo, by Cynthia Sabat and Juana Sapire, and El alquimista democrático, by Fernando Birri, complement the recovered films and stress, from the written word, their authors’ activism. Thus, the books on Gerardo Vallejo, Raymundo Gleyzer and Fernando Birri –presented by Horacio Campodónico- and the recovery of their films pay up a historical debt with authors whose "film heart has been excluded from society or exhibited in secrecy”. 


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