«Remember» - Past Shards

Atom Egoyan presents Remember in the International Competition 

You can’t hate music, says Zev, the protagonist, as he plays Wagner in the piano.

An initial simple premise. Memory can be a great ally or a deadly enemy. Remember faces and accurately involves the audience with a camera that goes into the protagonist’s intimacy until we feel his fears, doubts and shudder. Egoyan builds, from a flawless and masterfully orchestrated script, a different physiological thriller, based on the weak memory of an old man who seeks to avenge the war crimes of one of the most terrible contexts in recent history: Auschwitz.

Guided by a letter, where his plan is outlined, Zev Guttman -Christopher Plummer, in a remarkable performance-, goes through North America in search of a Nazi officer. The passing of time, past shards, the mediation of hatred throughout the decades, are portrayed by Atom Egoyan, going back to recurring themes of his filmography. For Zev, the struggle is both internal and external. Internal with his neurological problems, external as the extension of every fear and sorrow, embodied in a single man who killed his family in a concentration camp.

Remember takes delight in the complexity of the simple because, in an intimate style, places the protagonist on a sensory and emotional raid, which works as a bomb about to explode. Always. It does not stop. With oppressive and claustrophobic atmospheres, supported in close-ups of a man who struggles to remember, not the past but his own present, Atom Egoyan creates a magnificent reflection of history, from its contemporary echoes. An accurate and devastating canvas of the social and cultural implications of times that seem too distant but which are, even without realizing, always coming on our heels.





TUE 3, 12.00 am, AUD
TUE 3, 10.00 pm, AUD
WED 4, 2.30 pm, AUD




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