Demolishing Myths



Each music band builds its own story. From that story, legends are born. But, how are musicians outside the stage? How are rehearsals? How do they write the songs?

Entre dos luces: Suarez, primera parte is a film directed by Fernando M. Blanco, a filmmaker with a vast experience in directing video clips. But this films is anything but another rockumentary.

Suárez was a band that broke the musical avant garde. "We made lo-fi rock, not knowing we were doing it”, stated Rosario Bléfari, the band’s lead singer, in an interview.

Blanco creates Suárez, moving away from the musical caricature: he shows people, young artists who evolve step by step without being aware of their own influence on fans.

Avoiding the commonplaces of the interviews, the director resorts only to footage from the band: home videos, which also show the aesthetics and culture of the 90s.



A personal diary that shows a group of friends rebelling against the system, in their intimacy, with no ambitions but with plenty of dreams and ideas.

Blanco reveals Suárezin a clever and intuitive way, in order to put together the puzzle of the life of five individuals who became cult stars.

The 30° Festival is honored to screen such a peculiar film and adds a new piece to the puzzle: the reunion of the band on stage after 14 years of absence.

Suárez lives inside the screen and shines, once again, on stage.


SAT 31, 7.30 pm, ALD 6

SUN 1, 4.40 pm, ALD 6
MON 2, 4.40 pm, ALD 6



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