«Native Son», A Timeless Manifest



75 years ago,Native Son, written by Richard Wright, was published in United States, a controversial statement against racism. During this 30° Edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival a full version of the film will be screened.

In 1941, a year after its publication, Orson Welles had already made a theatre adaptation. However, the adaptation to the big screen would turn out to be more difficult. Ironically, the novel’s writer and actor found the possibility to shoot it in our country thanks to Argentina Sono Film and Belgian director Pierre Chenal, who lived in Buenos Aires.

The film tells the story of Bigger Thomas, a frightened violent young man. The story has a huge political connotation, regarding the involvement of the Communist Party on issues of segregation. This hindered Wright from creating a cinematographic version of his novel, free from prejudices. In the midst of McCarthyism, a film like this could destroy his career. But, thanks to a Uruguayan producer, he shot Native Son in Argentina, spoken in English and with Pierre Chenal’s narrative mastery.

A must for any film lover, the screening of Native Son will be accompanied by the publication of a book: Sangre negra. Breve historia de una película pérdida, written by anthropologist Edgardo C. Krebs. The story of his recovery and restoration is also fascinating and includes joined efforts between Argentina and United States.


THU 5, 8.00 pm, COL

SAT 7, 5.30 pm, COL




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