«Tangerine» - Well Understood Intensity

   Actress Mickey O'Hagan presents Tangerine, by Sean Baker, in the International Competition

A record of modern urban life’s marginal speed, captured in a boiling state. Sin-Dee is a transsexual prostitute who gets out from prison in Los Angeles after a short sentence. When she meets her friend Alexandra, Sin-Dee confirms the rumor that her boyfriend Chester was involved with another woman while she was away. Both friends start searching for the truth in the neighborhood where they live and work: the corner of Santa Monica and Highland, an area of prostitution and drug dealing. Featuring non-professional actors, Sean Baker chooses to shoot Tangerine with iPhones in order to capture the vertigo of today and move away from the glamorous and embellished portrait of social margins by traditional US filmmaking, and at the same time avoids replicating the minimalist realism of certain indie films. The result is a verism of electric pop featuring actresses of a unique intensity, such as the lead Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, who brought to the script her knowledge of the territory as a social worker and teacher of HIV/Aids prevention in the streets of Los Angeles.





FRI 6, 09.00 pm, AUD
FRI 6, 7.30 pm, AUD
SAT 7, 12 am AMB 1



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