“A slash right through the audience’s heart”




Who said that horror films should only take place during the night? A group of youngsters decide to spend a wild day inside a house in the middle of the woods. Sex, drugs, death… music and humor. Tamae Garateguy and Jimena Monteoliva direct All Night Long –one of this year’s surprises from the Open Veins section-, a film that combines the slasher subgenre –killers with knives chasing practically naked young ladies- with junkie comedy. The result: something unclassifiable.

"This project came out of our willingness to do something”, states Jimena Monteoliva. "We didn’t have any money, but we still managed to get on and make a film. Since we love genre films, we thought of a format we could shoot in a few days and in a few locations”.

   "The feeling we wanted to convey was that of a person being high. You’re here, but you’re in any other world as well”.



Just as in UPA! An Argentinean Movie, you sought to satirize and break the stereotype of Argentine comedy from the 2000s, is All Night Long the answer to the horror cinema produced in our country during the past few years?

Jimena: I don’t think we are trying to satirize anything. But we do try to put together other formats we also like. We try to find a more experimental side to genre films. The feeling we wanted to convey was that of a person being high. You’re here, but you’re in any other world as well. Stepping on the reality of that altered state drugs put you in brings about peculiar situations, some of them funny, some of them dark, but always altered.

What was the criteria for choosing the songs, which have a key role in the narrative and even in the creation of atmospheres?

Jimena: We’re working on a documentary, 50 Chu Seok, thanks to which we got to know a lot about K-pop, and we love it, so we wanted to include it in the film. As for Lionel Ritchie, having that title for the film, it was evident for us that we somehow had to include his song.

"We worked with the best Argentine actors of our generation”.


All Night Long has a young cast, including some of the most prominent actors and actresses in national independent cinema, such as Martín Slipak, María Canale and Guadalupe Docampo. The directors decided to put their trust in them in order to bring about the film. "We didn’t have a script, but we worked under the supervision of Diego Andrés Fleischer, our scriptwriter, with whom we always work”, explains Monteoliva. "All we had was a step outline, so all the dialogues were improvised by the cast. Fortunately, we worked with the best Argentine actors of our generation”.

Genre is not something new for Tamae Garateguy. Her latest film, She Wolf, also combines horror with an erotic component. "For me, portraying sex and death is fascinating, and I think it goes right through the audience’s heart like a slash: it’s both terrible and clear, simple and cruel”, states Tamae.

In All Night Long we perceive some of the aesthetics of American independent slasher films from the ‘70s.

Tamae:It was something that concerned Jime and I. Going back to that spirit of the films from the 70’s and early 80’s, where teenager characters had their first sexual experiences, making the sex scenes bolder, and portraying the characters not so teen. In a free way, just as we do in all of our films. In that respect, it’s not gore, though there are a lot of deaths. We had two clear references: Black Christmas and, from a visual standpoint, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, both from 1974.

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