A Wild World

The scriptwriter and protagonist of Sightseers, Steve Oram, returns to the Mar del Plata International Film Festival with his directorial debut: Aaaaaaaah! a radical, original and unclassifiable film.

It is difficult to find a specific antecedent of this film. It is not a comedy, it is not a dramatic film. But it has a bit of everything. The audience witness a world where humans behave like monkeys. But it is not a full animalization of the species; in fact, everyone lives in houses, dresses and practically has all the costumes of contemporary society. They only abide by the rules and laws of the animal world, especially when it comes to communication.

Oram and a talented cast made this independent production with an outmost seriousness. The conflicts that appear –including animalized behaviors like the characters moving in groups, limiting their territory, especially when it comes to the quarrels between alpha males- end up in a family dispute, tainted by physical attraction and certain basic costumes repressed in a "civilized” society.

The director creates a realistic aesthetics, almost like a documentary, devoid of the most basic cinematographic artifices. It is a very strange world where no conventional language is used; instead, the body takes a paramount role when it comes to showing emotions and feelings.

Steve Oram criticizes urban society with a metaphor filled with audiovisual ideas, which works as a reflection of violent culture. From an anthropological perspective, the director’s view on British bourgeois lifestyle is not that different from Stanley Kubrick’s when he adapted A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess.

The naturalization of murder, misogyny or the substitution of a family’s patriarch show the research’s depth, in a bold directorial debut that cynically observes the contradiction of social paradigms. In the end, we are nothing but descendants of animals in a wild world.


TUE 3, 0.00 am, AMB 1

FRI 6, 11.20 pm, AMB 2
SAT 7, 11.20 pm, AMB 2




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