I Know the Poison



That’s the way Argentine heavy metal is. It does not pursues glory, easy acknowledgement, fame or fortune. Heavy metal is a means of expression, is rebelling against the system, is being around. Away from the image of foreign bands, heavy metal is dirty and untidy. "It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty, as long as my head is efficient”, used to say Carpo, Norberto Pappo Napolitano.

The documentary directed by Lucas Lot Calabró and Paula Álvarez, Sucio y desprolijo: el heavy metal en Argentina, is a lucid work that narrates the story of that musical and cultural movement, but mainly focusing on testimonies from fans, those unconditional troupes that follow their bands wherever they go.

"The life of a heavy metal band is limited, but its fans are not”, band members agree. Experiences, anecdotes and memories. From V8, Rata Blanca, Horcas and Carajo, to the creation of Hermética, the most emblematic band in the history of Argentine heavy metal.

Sucio y desprolijo moves away from the conventional thematic approach of rokcumentaries in order to register the essence of fanaticism, customs and a feeling very much like faith. A film that reflects upon the last 30 years of democracy and music as the representation of revolution. 



Calabró and Álvarez follow the fans throughout their personal experiences, in their routines, and mix them with their idols, living myths of a rebel generation with clear ideas. An anthropological work that both fans and curious will surely enjoy. 

THU 5, 11.00 pm, PAS 1
FRI 6, 8.15 pm, PAS 1

SAT 7, 11.00 pm, PAS 1



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