31 reasons to live the Festival

November. Mar del Plata. 10 days expected for the whole year. The Festival starts, once more; a new edition surprises us with a varied offer of the best international cinema, and open activities free of charge, for all tastes. The cultural range is huge, 425 films, 846 screenings and 89 activities, and 31 reasons – a must- to live the Festival.



Neruda. The Festival opening comes with Pablo Larraín, with his suggestive and powerful Neruda, a summary of the film intensity we will see in these 10 days of feast. Nerudaopens its way with visual, poetic and narrative mastery, and with an overwhelming imprint that ratifies the sensitive and sharp genius of the Chilean director.


Competitions. 36 features, 20 shorts, and 17 projects in progress are the sample of international and national film talent. It’s a selection that projects the best of the seventh art present and future.



Vittorio Storaro. A deluxe visit. The cinematographer that has provided us with unforgettable framings, from El último tango en París to Café Society, creator of Sistema Univision, visits Mar del Plata to give a Master Class as memorable as the colors in his films.


ApocalypseNow (Redux). The classic by Francis Ford Coppola in extended and remastered versión. The madness and horror of the Vietnam War from a unique perspective. The screening will have an additional bonus: Vittorio Storaro’s presentation, master of photography, Oscar winning for this work.


Olivier Assayas. He doesn’t have two films alike, and however he’s one of the most unquestioned film authors in the world. Olivier Assayas will be in Mar del Plata to present his last winning work in Cannes: Personal Shopper, within a retrospective in his honor. Furthermore, he will give a Master Class of compulsory attendance.


MasaoAdachi. A rebel with a cause. Along with Kôji Wakamatsu revolutionized the Japanese cinema, from the last 50s to the middle 70s. In this edition, the Festival honors this polemic and transgressive filmmaker with a retrospective almost complete of this work. From his first shorts to his last features, sensible and, even today, critic of politics and society.


Silent Cinema with live music. A wonderful opportunity to relive the beginnings of the cinema. The Iron Horse, by John Ford, and Gente de Cine, by King Vidor, two magnificent works of silent films set to live music by the Mar del Plata Symphony Orchestra.


Pierre Léon. The Festival will count on the presence of the prolific director, who will accompany the screenings of his films in a large retrospective of his work. An opportunity to revisit or discover the productions of the versatile producer and go deep into a real artist’s universe.


Buster Keaton. His face is distinctive.His art, inmortal. Talking about Buster Keaton, the title of "genius” is not enough. In this edition you will be able to see all his shorts as co-director, in which you may appreciate his technical wit, his ineludible talent for designing gags, and an innocent look, which hid an amazing creativity to narrate and at the same time reflect the American society.


Jacques Rivette’s shorts. If there was a director always going against the tide, this was Rivette. Symbol of Nouvelle Vague and Cahiers Du Cinema magazine, Rivette’s films are difficult to label. The festival honors the memory of the filmmaker who died last March with the screening of his three first shorts, discovered by chance, by the same producer, in 2009. Now, finally, they could see the light in order that the public discovers the origin of his magic.


Talk with Pierre León and Matías Piñeiro. The unique directors will talk about the relation between traveling and their films, in the frame of the launch of the bilingual publication Las Naves, number 6. A talk you can’t miss with two directors of particular insights and careers worthy of revisiting.


A tribute to Alfredo Alcón. From the book presentation Los caminos de Alfredo Alcón, by Mario Gallina, and the screening of Alfredo Alcón, el dueño del sol, based on the idea and direction of Julio Uyúa, the focus is over on one of the most unquestioned and unforgettable icons of national cinema.


Publications. The Festival continues the interesting tradition of writing reflections about the audiovisual world on paper. This year, the books edited by the Festival are: Entre cortes. Conversaciones con montajistas de Argentina, El caballo de hierro, book dedicated to John Ford’s film, and Homenajes I, Mario Gallina, Daniel López, Raúl Manrupe, Fernando M. Peña, Luis Porter and Natalia Taccetta’s texts compillation.


Streaming. This year, the Festival special activities are just a click away. We present the Streaming platform, through which we will broadcast them live for free, in order you can follow them from your computer, cell phone, tablet or smart TV.



Cinema on the Beach. For second consecutive year, the Festival invades the beach. There will be free screenings of the best national titles of the last years, live music shows and the presence of important figures of our industry.


App MDPFEST. With the exclusive application of the Festival you can see all the news, buy your tickets and have access to live Streaming from you cell phone or tablet. Furthermore, you can check the complete program and plan your own agenda with the screenings and special activities that most interest you


A tribute to Argentine Cinema. The Festival celebrates our vast film tradition with the screening of 15 national classics. There will be tributes to Alfredo Alcón, Amelia Bence, Simón Feldman, Fernando Ayala and Luis MogliaBarth, among other great men and women of our cinema.


International Audiovisual Forum – Argentina. The International Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) attempts to promote the coproduction of audiovisual projects with the first International Audiovisual Forum – Argentina, in which three film coproduction markets will converge (Lobolab, Latinarab and MardocLab) with the aim of fostering and strengthening the dissemination and commerce of national and regional cinema in all the world.


Film Museum. The Film Museum presents a program of screenings along with the Festival, with the intention of showing the work of many years and creating awareness about the importance of preserving national footage.


Jonathan Rosenbaum. Apart from being a member of the international jury, the well known critic, essay writer and current professor at Béla Tarr Film Factory of Sarajevo, will be interviewed by Roger Koza in the context of Master Classes.


Odeón / INCAA TV. Odeón and INCAA TV take the Festival to your home. For the first time you will be able to see competition films at the same time they are screened in Mar del Plata cinemas, from the platform Odeón, totally free. Furthermore, you will be able to see all the coverage of what happens at the Festival from INCAA TV screen.


Andrzej Wajda’s last film. The Polish director, who died in October, left us his last film as a farewell. A biopic about the life of the avant-garde painterWladyslaw Strzeminski, masterly played by Boguslaw Linda.



Genre Cinema Seminar: Argentine genre Superleague introduces itself in society, reveals its identity and shares its secrets. From the script to the actors direction, passing by special effects, prop design and exclusive festivals. Horror and action masters in our country will give seven seminars that will open the path to future filmmakers who want to follow their steps.


Argentine Cinema Costumes. Horace Lannes Collection. In this show "the stars designer”’s work of more than 50 years is displayed. A selection of costumes that shone throughout 100 features. In addition to more than 30 awards for his career. The show can be visited from November 20thto 27th, in the Histórico Room- Paseo Aldrey.


Film on Film. Pure metalanguage: the world of cinema expressed through filmmakers. Documentaries and fictions that reveal the most interesting productions and characters of the cinema world.



Abbas Kiarostami x 2. With his physical absence still present, and still alive in this work, we present Take me home, the well known Iranian director’s posthumous short. At the Festival, the documentary 76 minutes and 15 seconds with Abbas Kiarostami, by Seifollah Samadian will also be presented.



The two faces of Jim Jarmusch. Enjoying Jarmusch implies understanding him in all his versatility. So the festival presents his two last productions, nothing less than a documentary and a fiction totally different. From Iggy Pop and his frenzy dance to a poet and in love with life Adam Driver.



Special Film Noir. A selection of very black features of the genre that left its eternal mark in the world cinema. Directors such as Preminger, Losey, Dassin, Siodmak and many others with their works screened in film format, with the doses of light and darkness they were conceived.



The biggest spectacle in the world. High-productivity ambition and competence with the television of the 60s developed colossal films, impressive in all the film genres. Three examples of this will be screened in 35 mm thanks to Filmoteca Buenos Aires.


Previews. The last gems produced by Disney that promise to be a blockbuster in Argentine cinemas. From the universe of Marvel in Doctor Strange: Hechicero Supremo; an animated oddisey in Moana: Un mar de aventuras; even a political thriller by Oliver Stone in Snowden. Films for all ages.


Absolute Musts: Here we cheat a little. As 31 reasons are never enough to enjoy the festival, we recommend four focuses and a short not to miss. The Chinese Wang Bing, The Finn Peter Von Bagh and the Americans Ted Fendt and Thom Andersen will leave visions about the contemporary world that will surprise more than one. Finally, an incredible piece: Los 4 golpes, a short directed by François Truffaut in his visit to the Mar del Plata Festival in 1962.


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