Golden Astor for Best Script - Andrei Konchalovsky and Elena Kiseleva, for «Paradise»

There’s no paradise without hell. From three characters, Olga, Jules and Helmut, with different participation in Nazi occupied France, Andrei Konchalovsky displays an originally structured drama of the Holocaust inexpressible horror. In an aseptic black and white, the now legendary director makes the characters talk to the camera -in a confessional model- and weaves a story that revisits the genocide from the different clashing ideologies.

From the guts of those who were, somehow, participants of a part of the black history of the damned century, with a naturalism entrenched in the powerful photography of Alexander Simonov, Paradise appears as a vigorous parable of the intrinsic desire of man to survive, amid so much death.

The prolific director- from a precise script written along with Elena Kiseleva- goes deep into passions, thoughts, and fanaticisms, to dissect the origins of horror. The complex individualities work as a tragic game in the construction of a plot thatwith narrative strength displays itself as a unique gaze on human cruelty, its origins and the possible redemption.



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