Closing Ceremony- And the lighthouse will remain turned on…

Today is the closing night of the 31st Festival. Anxiety increases minute by minute while we are approaching the ceremony award. A night full of emotions you will be able to follow live from anywhere in the planet.

And all good things come to an end. After almost ten days of cinema adventure, the time has come to close the program and enjoy the closing party of the 31st Mar del Plata International Film Festival. 

We could enjoy the visit of Vittorio Storaro, who gave a master class about cinema photography in a packed Auditorium Theater; the kindness, warmth and talent of Olivier Assays, the humility of Pierre Léon, the most outstanding retrospectives and avant-gardes, the surprises, the youth of new filmmakers, the nights full of music and cult cinema, and much more. They were vibrant, intense and exciting days. 

To feel the ceremony, we will be able to see via Streaming the non official ceremony award and, from 8.45 pm, enjoy the official ceremony award. 

The wait will be over. We will know live streaming broadcast, from Astor Piazzola Room, Auditorium Teather the winners of this edition of the Festival winners. 

Cinema has dressed up again, and once more we have enjoyed the best artistic works worldwide. 

Don’t miss it! If you couldn’t travel to the Festival, watch it from our website or from the application MDPFEST, which you can download for free from Google Play. 


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