Argentine Competition - The present of national cinema

2016 appears as a fertile seedbed for Argentine cinema. Twelve great productions arrive at the Competence, they are the sample of the best of the national cinematography. This selection -which covers all the genres- offers a great variety, of great value and diverse themes. Enjoy it!

Amateur, by Sebastián Perillo -Argentina - 2016 -97’

It's the suspense movie of the Argentine Competition. In his first feature, the up to now producer Sebastián Perillo, indulges in all the tastes for cinema lovers and displays a dark film with interesting winks to the Argentine detective movies of the 60s. Amateur is the story of an obsession in the body of a man who finds a disturbing amateur porno film by chance. There, on the screen, the beauty of the woman will trigger a raid of sex, blood, secrets and mystery. With precise performances of Esteban Lamothe, Jazmín Stuart, Eleonora Wexler and Alejandro Awada, Amateur poses, from his classic conception, an unsettling story that will disturb the audience from beginning to end.


El aprendiz, by Tomás De Leone -Argentina -2016 - 80’

In his first feature, Tomás de Leone chooses to portray a story built from the inside of his character, towards the deep outside of an indifferent town. Pablo, the main character, works as cook apprentice, which is the only retreat for his dreams. With a complex family and friends who earn their living doing dirty business, Pablo is in two minds about acceptance of his fate and fear of his desires. With brilliant and subtle performances, El aprendiz displays an unfathomable observation about the mind hesitations before jumping into the void.



El silencio/The Silence, by Arturo Castro Godoy -Argentina - 2016 -105’

It's accurate and honest. With these two characteristics Arturo Castro Godoy builds The Silence, his first feature. Tomás is a teenager whose life, as always happens, has suddenly changed. But this present awakens a latent past he must solve in order to be able to face  the uncertain future. The story emerges from the intrinsic need of identity, and the silences become body among its main characters' meager and halting words. With organic performances, of spare and eloquent gestures -in the skin of Alberto Ajaka, Malena Sánchez, Vera Fogwill, and the new talents Tomás del Porto y Violetta Vignatti- The Silence sensitively dives into a universe that opens, as a restless abyss, in front of him who searches his own origin.



Fuga de la Patagonia/Escape From Patagonia, by Javier Zevallos, Francisco D’Eufemia -Argentina - 2016 -78’

Escape From Patagonia is an intelligent gaze on 19th century Argentina. Javier Zevallos and Francisco D'Eufemia take the figure of Francisco Moreno to follow some days in his life in the still isolated Patagonia. In key of an Argento Western, Escape From Patagonia displays a naturalistic visual beauty to tell the running away of the explorer from the Mapuche persecution. Far from the Manichaeism, they investigate the genesis of the Desert Campaign and portray the dreams, desires and fears, of those who honestly wanted to help in the building of the country, as well as of the indigenous peoples, annihilated because of the others' dreams.

La siesta del tigre/Sleeping Tiger, by Maximiliano Schonfeld -Argentina -2016 - 63’

«They search under the earth the richness they didn't find on it». Sleeping Tiger, documentary by Maximiliano Schonfeld reflects the desire of an amateur group of explorers to find the rests of a saber tooth tiger. In observational key, Schonfeld accompanies the five protagonists through the landscapes of his native soil, Entre Ríos, and tells about the friendships bonds that are presented as a balm against daily routine.




Los decentes/A decent Woman, by Lukas Valenta Rinner -Argentina -Austria -South Korea – 2016 - 100’

A Decent Woman, by Lukas Valenta Rinner follows the days of a maid that comes to work in a house located in a gated neighborhood. There, along the property line, the nudists spend their days under the sun, as a community, without hiding or creating bonds of any kind. The monotonous life in the house and the aseptic wealth pushes Belén, the main character, to cross this wall, where "the door must remain closed in order magic cannot escape". Rinner displays a corrosive glance -with organic visual beauty- on human relations, sexuality and the latent animality in each of the social groups.

Los ganadores /The Winners, by Néstor Frenkel -Argentina -2016 - 78’

Néstor Frenkel Néstor Frenkel arrives at the Argentine Competition with a documentary intelligently built on the logic of success. Following the different characters participating in the amateur award ceremony in the culture area, he manages a film that asks with sensitive humor about the real nature of the recognition need. The Winners poses a little known underworld working as a metaphor of a universe that only cares about result, in which a statuette works as the only entitlement of talent.


Los globos /Balloons, by Mariano González -Argentina - 2016 -65’

Mariano González jumps from acting into the duality of acting and directing, with his first feature Balloons. A simple story that expands like the balloons its main character makes, telling about the bonds in constant building between a father and his son. Far from low blows, Balloons is a sincere gaze at the difficulties, limitations and contradictions of a man who finds himself at the crossroad of whether taking his destiny in his hands or not.


No te olvides de mí / Don’t Forget About Me, by Fernanda Ramondo –Argentina -2016 - 87’

Don't Forget About Me, first feature by director Fernanda Ramondo, is a road movie set in the Argentina of the early 20th century. On the dusty road, stories about characters in search of or escaping from their past will be interwoven. It's there, in the present time, that human relations become the core of this story in movement, in which the wild landscape will contrast with its characters' inner vastness.




No sabés con quién estás hablando/You Don’t Know Who You’re Talking To, by Demián Rugna -Argentina -2016 -95’

«This guy looks like someone in a movie» Thus, from anecdotes and characteristics of his own group of friends, Demián Rugna displays a movie of antiheroes with quite questionable ambitions. In an absurd tone, he displays a range of incredible characters and situations that trigger a raid that can only lead to roar with laughter. Humor and irony explode on the screen, with a striking technical value, providing the Competition with this movie of humor Argentine cinema has been long waiting for.


Pinamar, by Federico Godfrid -Argentina -2016 -83’

Federico Godfrid chose to begin at home in his first solo feature. And home understood as childhood, those memories that always take us to that warm and devoted place we call our house. Pinamar is the story built on those filial relationships facing that moment of pain, this precise instant in which life changes and we remain unsheltered. With a beautiful photography, a script naturally articulated and organic and fresh performances, Pinamar displays an honest story built with mastery on personal relations and love which saves everything.



Terror 5, by Sebastián and Federico Rotstein -Argentina -2016 -77’​

Brothers Rotstein come with the horror film of the year. Snooping around all subgenres, they build a quintology that dissects the deepest fears to expose them crudely on the screen. Terror 5 take as its base for horror everyday extreme situations, in which the social determinants are erased and the darkest thoughts are given full rein. Without limits, the first feature by the Rotsteins gives us a world of nightmares, full of blood, snuff, monsters and zombies.




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