"Proyección Urbana" Contest - Winning Work: «Morsilla»

The Festival proposed this year the first edition of the Muralism and Graffiti Contest "Proyección urbana” whose aim is to promote and encourage the artistic creation in the language of urban art as a form of popular communication.

In this bet placed on the artistic expression and creativity, describing the feelings aroused by the seventh art, the winning work is Morsilla, painted on the wall of the corner of Loyola and Malabia in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, by Emmanuel Pellegrino –Kase-, illustrator and graffiti artist, and Franco Matías Robles -Teodoro Potente-, audiovisual director.

The creators explain the concept in their work:

Morsilla originates from the search of projecting something of the international cinema but in a national place like Mar del Plata. We joined a Godzilla Japanese poster of 1956 together with the Mar del Plata International Film Festival and its well known isotype and its indigenous animal, the sea lion. With irony and analogy, we created a sea monster called Morsilla, a hybrid between an animal and a traditional food of our dear Argentine barbecue, which rises from the sea in the coastal zone near to the Festival. The esthetic is based on the vintage posters of the 50s, which were handmade.

The jury was made up of Boom BoomKid, Mr. Miguelius and Gustavo Sala, who highlighted "the use of colors, textures and composition embedded in the representation of a sea lion, a symbol of the Festival”. Besides, they confirmed their vote "for mixing the Mar del Plata iconography with certain spirit of monsters cinema creating an atmosphere of visual spectacular nature in tune with what a festival of great cinema represents in terms of big attendance and very important events. Also for generating an attractive piece for anyone, not necessarily for someone related to the world of cinema”. 

The winners were awarded a trip for four people to the Festival and a kit of sprays for their next works. Congratulations!


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