To discover, to admire and to revise


The 31stFestival suggests travelling around the philmography of talented filmmakers, several of them unknown in our country, as well as saving forgotten works that deserve second chances to be enjoyed  

In each edition of the Festival filmmakers appear that has built a remarkable authoral filmography but not always have had or had the relevance they deserved, or they may be complete strangers for Argentine people.

The 31st Festival will count on the work of seven outstanding authors of worldwide filmography. Veteran masters such as Masao Adachi, maker of the revolutionary cinema wave of the middle of the 50s in Japan, controversial, political and irreverent, and the insurgent Ted Fendt, with his young, intimate and minimalist work opening his path in the American indie cinema.
You will also be able to appreciate the work of two French filmmakers who went through the most intellectual critic, but became two referents of the new French cinema that came to renew the author's theory, from the 80s up to now. Olivier Assayas probably don't need to be introduced. Films like Irma Vep, Clean,Demonlover, or his last work, Personal Shopper -award-winning at the last Cannes Festival- place him as one of the most important contemporary filmmakers. Pierre León is almost unknown in our country, thus, this is a great opportunity to discover his sensitivity and magic at the time of narrating. Russia and France are connected in the tour by León's work, interspersed with personal anecdotes and adaptations of Chejov or Greek mythology.
Other directors to discover are: the American Thom Andersen, and his particular gaze on cinema, the Finnish documentary maker Peter Von Bagh and Wang Bing, an outstanding observer of nowadays Chinese society.
Besides, in the Revisions section, the Festival poses the opportunity to amaze once more at or to admire for the first time the great shows in the golden years of Hollywood. From the epic silent films by John Ford and King Vidor -to be screened with live music in charge of Mar del Plata Symphony Orchestra under the conduction of master Diego Lurbe- to the most wonderful shorts by the genius Buster Keaton, the best and darkest, decadent and polemic of the American film noir, to end up with great epics that were the symbol of the end of a period for the American industry.
But inside the revisions, the Argentine cinema also preserves its place. The Museo del Cine will put at the spectator disposal the possibility to enjoy past advertisements and feel nostalgia and pleasure, the only opportunity to see one of the first films of Argentine cinema, Manuelita Rosas, and we will count on the presence of Dan Streible, professor and
Moving Image Archiving and Preservation director at New York University, who organizes the orphan films symposium.
You can also enjoy Homages to figures of Argentine cinema such as Alfredo Alcón, Ernesto Arancibia, Amelia Bence, Rubén Cavallotti, Agustín Cuzzani, Simón Feldman, VlastaLah, Luis MogliaBarth, Julio Porter and Carlos Schlieper.
Finally, it’s essential the rescue of classical works believed to be lost, and they are going to be screened as if they were today’s premieres, and the section of guilty pleasures of the Festival. Generation VHS comes back with different and bizarre proposals; but also with a luxury gift, the revision of Apocalipsis Now (Redux version) with the presentation of its cinematographer, Oscar winning for this work, master Vittorio Storaro.
A festival edition that will have films for all the tastes. To discover and to enjoy.










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