«The Blind Christ» – An Act of Faith

Christopher Murray presents today his last production in the International Competition.

Anyone can heal; anyone who realizes what God is made of. In the extreme aridity, in the appalling beauty of a place located between here and there, Christopher Murray places his blind Christ. And through him, he portrays the reality of poverty due to political negligence, departing from the deconstruction of a myth and the construction of the figure of a man who rises from the whole conception of the belief as endless and infallible source for the man’s prosperity. With an intelligent script that dares to depict the behind the scenes of faith, of the need of consolation and the interstices of religion as social balm, The Blind Christ becomes a cry of protest with political and existentialist base.

The third production by Christopher Murray is a manifest about faith in apparently godforsaken places; not by God, but for political indifference and mistakes. The Blind Christ by Christopher Murray provides the International Competence corpus with a heartbreaking glance at the real needs of a community that chooses to follow a man regarded as a modern savior, who crosses Pampa de Tamarugal in search of a miracle.

With the sensitive photography, together with Inti Briones, the captivating music of the Russian Alexander Zekke, and outstanding non-professional actors, starring Michael Silva – also born in the region- , the Chilean director manages a striking visual impressionism that goes back along the twists and turns of faith as a shelter for survival.


 Agustina Salvador

Today, Mon 21, 9.00 am - AUD
Mon 21, 7.30 pm - AUD
Tue 22, 2.30 pm - AUD



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