The horror inside us

Downhill amplifies the gender of horror resourcing to the Chilean forests and their maze-like paths, and shows that the fear of the unknown is always born in the guts of any of us.
«We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness (...)
It seemed to me I had stepped into the gloomy circle of some Inferno».
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

Chilean horror films have the characteristic of being relatively young; actually, all Latin America is in a constant awakening of the genre -not so much the audience, who show they really need these emotions, but the film producers which compromise and make such full-length films-. In the recent years, Chile has been one of the countries which bet on horror and suspense, and one outstanding name is that of Patricio Valladares.
Downhill is a co-production with the United States and has an international cast, but it resorts to features typical of low-budget films in a dignified and effective way. This economy of resources is supported by intertextual elements that can be thought from inside the film, and above all inside the genre.
Shivers meets Cabin fever meets The Blair witch project, nothing more, nothing less. That is to say, there is an ominous forest, a cabin, doses of gore, Lovecraftian elements and a couple of bikers who do not belong to this frightening natural scenery.
And here lies the strength of Valladares to generate tension and confusion in the main characters as well as in the audience. Things happen through a thorough script in which one is always placed some steps behind the coming event, with the feeling that anything can happen.
Downhill represents just this, a fall down the hill, and Valladares turns it into a metaphor of a fall into the heart of darkness. A horror that begins in broad daylight and, in its trip to the night, put the characters into a series of strange rituals, mysterious actions and a dose of ultra violence. The line between the real and the supernatural becomes very thin and the passage from day to night deep within an unknown forest can only lead to an inevitable fall into the very hell.
Ezequiel Vega

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