INCAA has launched the forum to stimulate audiovisual production

Yesterday, the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) vice-president, Ralph Hayek, and the Institutional Relations of the same institution manager, Rómulo Pullol, headed the launching of the International Audiovisual Forum- Argentina, in front of more than 200 guests. 

Hayek affirmed that the Forum initiative is oriented to "a public policy we are implementing  in INCAA to develop a round of business” because "not only we have to produce mass films” but also "find the actors from other places of the world who want to share the co-production with our directors and producers”. Pullol, on his part, talked about resuming "a path we were waiting for a long time” and told that in the Forum three markets of co-production participate: Lobolab, Mardoc Lab and LatinArab, whose responsible people were thanked for their presence at the festival and for their confidence in the institute.

The launching took place during the Forum first activity, realized in Dauphine Room, Hotel Provincial, called "Coproducción y financiamiento de proyectos Latino Árabes: Cooperación Sur - Sur en Materia Audiovisual” (co-production and financing of Latin-Arab projects: Cooperación Sur - Sur en Materia Audiovisual), carried out by the institute authorities and Latin-Arab International Film Festival executive director, Edgardo Bechara el Koury, Latin-Arab Co-production Forum director, Christian Mouroux and Haddock Films director, Vanessa Ragone.

Afterwards, the Forum organization inaugurated formally the cycle of three days of work, with a cocktail in Circular Room of the same hotel, where the producers, directors, distributors, tutors and figures of the three markets, had the opportunity to have their first contact with lots of filmmakers with projects who arrived at the Mar del Plata Festival with the hope of being awarded to co-produce their films or documentaries, and this way finish their so much desired film. 


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