Eye in the sky

With Hernán Moyano and Pablo Santamaría, the Festival audience knew the venture they invested years of work: Fulldome screenings, which promises to revolutionize the narrative ways and the technologies of the cinema world.
With the title "Something really big is happening in Latin America”, any talk sounds promising. And with the guests Hernán Moyano- producer, director and editor- and Pablo Santamaría- astronomer, Content Director of La Plata Planetarium-, the name is more than justified.

Belisario, the little great hero of the Cosmos is a Fulldome Project in the development stage that involves audiovisual technologies from Planetariums. Moyano- who made genre cinema works such as Habitaciones para turistas and No moriré sola- got interested in production methods led by their own schemes, to be able to film with continuity and follow their own route. "The industry poses structures; we wanted to break them”, explains.

This cartoon series is produced by a public institution- National University of La Plata- and one of the first main ideas of the film was to approach people to the planetarium. The surprise was when Moyano thought about the possibility of creating a fiction story that takes advantages of these resources.

"If the cinema is already exciting, imagine what happens when there is not off screen; when nothing remains off” comments the producer from La Plata. "The most impressive thing is that there is no edge of the screen and the horizon is lost”. Both interviewees understand the experience as immersive cinema, in which everything happens around the spectator.

"It is like 3D cinema but without the glasses. It even goes beyond that, because the brain decodes it in another way. People react physically in front of what happens on the screen”, they comment.

Something this duet had really clear was the generation of local content, with national talent. With design supported by a vintage esthetic, with a weighty artistic work but the lowest possible budget, they worked together with Estudio Celeste, which specializes in stop motion and traditional animation. "The devices are very expensive, but our idea is to economize the resources with a high level of quality. The Domo-the screen used at Planetariums- works with two 4K projectors, of 4096 X 4096, as a perfect circle”, details Santamaría. "It was an initiation experience; trying to do it was a challenge; the best way was going to the Domo and tried”.

This is a product with a radical change on target; it is an idea that could revolutionize not only the way of production but also the way to see cinema. The studio worked a form of storyboard that implied comic vignettes levelly placed, as if they were an only panoramic frame. And regarding the sound design, the team is thinking about working with spatiality 5.1, in conjunction with the monumental visual experience.

The Fulldome product does not only offer the enjoyment of animation screened on the Domo; the intentions of its directors go to other areas.

"The idea is to expand the universe, point at the educational aspect”, tells Santamaría. "Go to schools, design educational comics, magazines and books, beyond astronautics and astronomy”. It can even expand to virtual reality, the world of videogames or even the sale of merchandising.

Moyano and Santamaría work in parallel with another project. The eternal path; a documentary filmed for the Fulldome product. And it is already in the development stage of a film- that uses the same technology- to be filmed with six cameras GoPro, for nothing to escape the Domo’s eyes. The new technologies continue opening their doors and leading the way; and this is just the beginning.
Ezequiel Vega


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